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    Middle names for Leo

    Hi Berries!

    We've just had our second baby boy!

    After much thought we've decided to call him Leo.. I exhausted the internet searching for something I liked more but I like it more and more and it suits him well. He was born during the time of the annual Leonid meteor showers, was born en caul, and was very strong in utero even though he is very little.

    His older brother is Kai Ashton Gray, and the last name is 3 syllabes St@£|ton.

    Now for middles!!! What are your thoughts?

    I'd like him to have 2 middles to match his brother.

    OHs not as into names as me, but liked Gabriel..

    Another name I love as a middle is Ambrose.. its beekeeper/honey meanings tie in with the meaning of my firstname.

    What are thoughts on:

    Leo Gabriel Ambrose?

    Is it too different stylistically to Kai's name?

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    Leo and Kai is so cute and handsome! I think that Leo Gabriel Ambrose works great with Kai Ashton Gray.
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    I love Leo and Kai together! I do find Leo Gabriel Ambrose and Kai Ashton Gray to be different stylistically, but I don't think that's a problem. Their first names work wonderfully together, and both combos are lovely.

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    Thanks for the feedback! OH has compromised both times to let me choose my favourite as their firsts, so I can't monopolize the middles as well!

    Charles is was a recent thought to honour my mums name Cheryl (which I believe is the feminine of Charles?)

    I wonder if Leo Charles Ambrose has a better flow... or if Leo Oakley Blue better mirrors Kai's name??

    Other names I like as middles are


    Am I best keeping the first or looking at possible combos from the above?

    What combos would you make from these.. or what else might you suggest??
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    Leo Charles Ambrose does flow better than the other combo. I think Leo Everest Ambrose would sound perfect with Kai Asher Grey style-wise. It also flows beautifully.
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    Leo Charles Ambrose has better flow. I do really like Leo Gabriel Ambrose though. I don't find them TOO different style-wise from Kai's name. I actually sort of like how well Kai and Leo go as a sibset, yet how they're their own distinct names on their own, if that makes sense. Not too matchy.

    Also, I have a Leo too, so excellent choice, haha!
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    Fearlessfirefly, I do like the sound of Leo Everest Ambrose and Leo Charles Ambrose as well...

    I think Ambrose is one of those names that sounds great with most other names 😊

    Lilimorgana I was having doubts over Leo's popularity, but have not heard it much around here.

    There were few I loved as much and also love how they sound together!

    I have made many combinations but with bub being almost 4 weeks old it's time to make a solid decision! We only agreed on Leo a few days ago!! Naming is so fun but so hard!!!!
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    Hmm, maybe showing my ocd a bit greyblue but as Leo Ambrose Gabriel 3syllablelastname I don't think it flows as well
    Leo Gabriel Archer is nice
    So many great combinations!

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    Leo Gabriel Ambrose is beautiful! I adore this combination; and love it with his brother's name too. A great choice
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