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    What Do You Think of the Previous Signature?

    Just as the title says! Make comments on every name, and make them brief. Start with my signature.
    Clara Rose "Rosie" ~ Aalia Belle "Lia"

    Ren Sellah ~ Flora Kaye ~ Laura Mirabelle "Miri" ~ Maisie Grace ~ Sailor Ruby ~ Eleanor Saige "Elle"

    Judah Alton "Jude" ~ London Asher ~ Finnin Leo "Finn"

    Caspian Reid ~ Levi Jax


    "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good works, and give glory to your Father who is in heaven" Matthew 5:16

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    Here are my thoughts on your signature:

    Clara Rose "Rosie" ~ Clara Rose is gorgeous. It's homey, feminine, yet not super frilly. Rosie is adorable & lovable. I personally would just prefer Rose Clara nn Rosie though. It makes more sense.

    Aalia Belle "Lia"-Hm. I don't mind 'Lia', & this combo has a nice flow. I just don't care for Aalia though. It's a bit trendy for my taste.

    Ren Sellah ~ This is not my style, as it doesn't sound super feminine. I'd for sure prefer the Wren spelling.

    Flora Kaye ~ So pretty! It's flowery yet sophisticated. I don't usually care for Kaye, but I got to say that this spelling makes it nicer than Kay.

    Laura Mirabelle "Miri" ~Very nice combo, but see Clara Rose. Mirabelle Laura nn Miri makes more sense. Miri is super cute.

    Maisie Grace ~I love Maisie, but kind of better as a nn. Grace seems very filler & doesn't flow great w/Maisie in my opinion. I like Madeline, Maureen, Mary or Margaret nn Maisie.

    Sailor Ruby-I'm not a huge fan of occupation names for girls. Ruby is cute.

    Judah Alton "Jude" ~I prefer just Jude or Julian nn Jude, but this combo is actually handsome. I love Jude though. It's so gentle yet boyish.

    London Asher ~Asher is cool, but London is meh. Kind of trendy for girls.

    Finnin Leo "Finn"-So cute! I adore Finn. It's very charming.

    Caspian Levi ~Oh, this is nice. Has a cool nautical feel w/great nn options of Cas & Caspi.

    Levi Jax-Levi is nice. A good solid biblical name w/a bit of cowboy flair. Jax seems a bit nick-namey for a mn.
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    Favorite girls: Guinevere, Daisy, Clementine, Greta, Eleanor, Adeline, Felicity

    Favorite boys: Colm, Ewan, Julian, Shiloh, Nolan

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    Guinevere - Very classy and pretty.
    Daisy - Short and sweet. The only problem is that it doesn't age well.
    Clementine - Super cute but the same problem as above.
    Greta - I used to not like this name but now I think it's pretty.
    Eleanor - Classy and elegant. I slightly prefer Eleanora though.
    Adeline - Not a big fan of this one.
    Felicity - I love this name! It's feminine and melodic.

    Colm - Not a big fan of this one.
    Ewan - I recently discovered this name and I quite like it. It could cause some pronunciation problems though. Julian - I love this one! Julius is nice too.
    Shiloh - I like this one. The only problem is that I don't love the Shi part, it could also cause some teasing.
    Nolan - This one is pretty cute.

    Teen Berry
    Planning ahead, not expecting just yet

    Serafina Artemis ★ Rosemary Briar ★ Persephone Claire ★ Octavia Delaney

    Dashiell August ★ Wilder Maverick ★ Malachi Phoenix ★ Lachlan Rafferty

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    Finnian Keanu: really cute pairing.
    Fletcher Matteo: love Matteo. Dislike Fletcher because it sounds very similar to an urban dictionary word, that isn’t widely known but very unpleasant! If I never heard the association I probably would like it.
    Felix Oliver: the names sound like they belong together, and I love the nn Fox.
    Freddy Rowan: I’m indifferent to Freddy, but it sounds really nice with the name Rowan, which I love.
    Ford Gabriel: a nice pairing, I’m not crazy about Ford but they sound pretty good together.
    Forest Hugo: wonderful name, sounds peaceful yet strong and handsome.

    Farrah Leilani: flows really well, almost sing-songy, and I love Fairy.
    Felicity Marigold: simply gorgeous storybook name.
    Flora Nephele: also flows wonderfully.
    Fern Penelope: nothing wrong with Fern but it isn’t my style. I like the balance of Penelope though.
    Fatima Rosemary: interesting name, I will say I like the way this name sounds out loud more so than on paper.
    Francesca Primrose: beautiful and sophisticated, without sounding uppity.
    Rosa ~ Haven ~ Irie ~ Frances ~ Eve ~ Primrose ~ Olivine ~ Georgia ~ Lucille ~ Mirabelle ~ Valley ~ Carolina ~ Prynne ~ Freya ~ Maisie ~ Calypso ~ Odessa ~ Katalina ~ Esperanza ~ Louise

    Ambrose ~ Octavio ~ Cristiano ~ Idris ~ Vicente ~ Roman ~ Abel ~ Imre ~ Francisco ~ Ichigo ~ Thorin ~ Cedric ~ Valerian ~ Silas ~ Callum ~ Alarlc ~ Felix ~ Alejandro ~ Salem ~ Theo

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    Irie Frances - This is the first time I've ever seen the name Irie and I'm loving it! It's like the cute sister of Ira and Iris. I like how Frances keeps up that vintage theme whilst grounding the sweetness of Irie with something a little more mature.

    Haven Everly - I reckon I would swap these two (though that may be because I just love Everly so much) but there's a nice flow to them.

    Freya Halle Moon - It's interesting I love all these names on their own but somehow they're not doing it for me as combo. I do like each of the duos they make - Freya Halle, Halle Moon, Freya Moon - so I think it might just be where combining all three adds too much spice? Again lovely flkw though - you clearly know what you're doing!

    Vrai Lavender - I love it when I see Lavender pop up in a signature! I can't get on board with Vrai as a first though - it's a beautiful sound in some accents but sounds dodgy in others, and it'd probably be confusing if she goes to a Francophone country. They work nicely together though.

    Esperanza Eloise - This such a stunner! I don't usually go for alliteration but this one's just so beautiful. Eloise is just the right amount of classic and Esperanza is just the right amount of unusual for the two to work perfectly. Also love the opportunity for nicknames!

    Valley Mirabelle - I'm not a huge fan of word names as a first so this doesn't do much for me but the ee ending flowing into Mirabelle is very melodic, and Mirabelle itself is just darling!

    Honey Briar - There I was saying I didn't like word names in the first spot but I better amend that to non-nature word names because this combo is TO DIE FOR! There's something really fun in the contrasting image of smooth honey and stinging brambles, and it combines to make a name that's both gentle and fresh. I love!

    Rosa Genevieve - I think this flows best with the English pronunciation of Genevieve but it's stunning either way. Classic, refined, a nice balance between the two - ticks all the boxes!

    Katalina Louise - This one just isn't my style, I'm afraid. Flows nicely though.

    Eve Odessa - I think this is like Rosa Genevieve (they'd make a brilliant sibset!) where ultimately it's just an understated beauty that shines through. Really lovely.

    Ambrose Octavio - My favourite of the whole signature! It's fabulous because they share their Roman roots in the -us versions of these names but your choice to go for one English version and one Italian version gives it that extra wow factor so it doesn't feel outdated in any way. Handsome with an extra kick.

    Stellan Isaiah - I'm a big fan of Isaiah but sadly Stellan just isn't one I'm able to get on board with. It's got a lovely meaning though.

    Cyrus Luciano - I love each of these both in their own right (Cyrus especially) but I'm on the fence about whether they work together. I just can't tell if they blend.

    Roman Alejandro - Now I'm not usually one for Roman as a first (I prefer a Rowan or Ronan) but I think here it completely works. It's got modern edge over the flowery nature of Alejandro, but then the latter is such a staple in Spain that actually it reigns that edge in to a pleasing level.

    Frederic Vicente - Neither of these are really my style but they carry such class with them! I think it's a really stellar combo, my only comment would be it feels like the -ic into the Vin is a little jarring. Feels like my mouth is dying to say Frederico to make it bounce.

    Callum Fraser - Such a shock after all those Romantic continental names to see a good old Scottish combo, but a very welcome shock nonetheless. These names feel like they share strong foundations but take them in different directions: Callum slightly softer than Fraser perhaps. This combo can do no wrong imo!

    Idris Elijah - YES! Idris is a huge favourite of mine and I think using Elijah as the middle brings it away from the almost Arthurian connotations and into the 21st century. The only issue I can foresee is Idris El-ah might remind folks of a certain Elba, though I'm sure keeping Elijah in the middle will save you from that!

    Abel Theo - Both of these are such brilliant sweet spot names (classic but still fresh). I think the four letter balance works quite well but my own taste still wants the full Theodore (or Theon/Theophilus/etc) instead of a nickname for a middle.

    Salem August - I'm getting really strong Deep South vibes from this one despite knowing Salem's in MA! I think both names bounce off the other's vibe in a really nice way but I feel like flipping it to August Salem works slightly better?


    Gaelic pronunciations:
    - Ossian (m): uh-sheen, means 'little deer'
    - Aislíng (f): ash-leen, means 'dream' or 'vision'
    - Nóinín (f): noe-neen, means 'daisy'
    - Órla (f): oar-lah, means 'golden princess'

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    Caspian - Milo - Ferris - Lysander - Kip - Orion - Ezra
    Maeve - Honeysuckle - Anoushka - Giselle - Rowan - Iseult

    Araminta - Nóinín - Dahlia - Xanthe - Órla - Ingrid - Zelda
    Cormac - Endymion - Rupert - Tiernan - Aurelian - Isaiah

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    Caradoc Blaise Edmund - I love the meaning of Caradoc, but Cara sounds weird in a boys name to me. The flow of Blaise and Edmund is awesome. I love both of these names as middles!
    Daphne Guinevere Blithe- This is beautiful! It sounds classic but fun and youthful as well
    Asa Florian - I'm not a fan of Asa for some reason. The -sa sounds to feminine to me. Florian works wonderfully as a middle.
    Kit Morwenna -
    Thyme Beatrix- This is so cute :-D I've never thought about Thyme but I think I like it. Beatrix works really here and with Thyme it makes me think of Beatrix Potter, which is a nice association.

    Lyra Nimue- This flows wonderfully! I've just never been a fan of Lyra
    Emrys Ossian - I really like this. Emrys is awesome!
    Perdita Fawn- I'm not a fan of Perdita, but Fawn is awesome and it works wonderfully here.
    Otto Fitzwilliam - I love Otto and Fitzwilliam is really cool. I also like Oslo.
    Aislíng Ffion - Aislíng is really pretty. Ffion is pretty but i'm not a fan of the two consecutive long e sounds.
    Xavier Peregrine- This is awesome. I love Xavier and Peregrine together.

    Caspian - I love Caspian! The sea is a cool association and it is one of my favorite C boys name.
    Milo - Milo is okay it just sounds sort of weak to me.
    Ferris - I can only think of Ferris Bueller sadly. It is a really cool name though.
    Lysander - Lysander is really cool!
    Kip - It's a little short for my taste. It's really cute though.
    Orion - I like Orion and that it has an association with the stars.
    Ezra- Ezra is really nice! It's youthful and mature at the same time.
    Maeve - I like Maeve, it just sounds slightly old.
    Honeysuckle - Honeysuckle would be a cool middle but I can't see it as a first.
    Anoushka - Anoushka is super cute!
    Giselle - I like Giselle!
    Rowan - Rowan is more masculine to me, but it could work on a girl too.
    Iseult- I like Iseult, but it doesn't sound right when I say it.

    Araminta - I like Araminta. It is classic yet fun.
    Nóinín - This is interesting. I love the meaning!
    Dahlia - I love Dahlia! It's my favorite flower name.
    Xanthe - I'm not a fan of Xanthe. I feel like it would always be mispronounced.
    Órla - Órla sounds sort of old to me.
    Ingrid - Ingrid is really cool. It makes me think of flowers.
    Zelda- I can only think of the video game sadly. It is a nice name.
    Cormac - Cormac is really cool!
    Endymion - This is cool but it could be a lot with the mythological figure and no obvious nicknames. I don't like Endy or Andy.
    Rupert - Rupert is okay. It's like Fred in that it's so weird that it's sort of cute.
    Tiernan - I love Tiernan! He's one of my favorites
    Aurelian - Aurelian is really cool!
    Isaiah- I also really like Isaiah!
    Girls: Charlotte Elysia, Amelie Elena, Rowena Violet, Vivienne Darcy, Reina Hyacinth, Mavis Rhiannon, Athena Celeste, Vienna Jade, Cassia Arella, Della Maris, Eva Hope, Chrysantha Mariette, Hana Lore, Davida Colleen

    Boys: James David, Finnian Walter, Sam Everett, Ian Atticus, Lachlan Pierce, Ronin Evander, Emmett Andre, Remus Ben, Kellen Daniel, Dashiell Caleb, Eli Joseph, Kieran Oslo, Henri James, Marko Ellison, Adlai Stephen

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    Hello! I'm new here Just had to jump in because all of these names are so my style!

    Charlotte Elysia - flows off the tongue nicely, I like the hard edge at the end of Charlotte paired with the soft sounds of Elysia.
    Amelie Elena - to me both of these names are bit too soft to pair together, but I still appreciate how they sound together!
    Rowena Violet - LOVE this combination! Rowena is classic sounding but unexpected, and Violet is just a beautiful name! I love names that while they are not full of distinctly feminine sounds, (frilly names, ending in -ee, -ia, full of soft rolling vowels) they still have a classic or feminine quality to them. Both of these names fit the bill.
    Vivienne Darcy - love the spelling on Vivienne, Darcy is unexpected but they sound beautiful together! Not a lot of repeating sounds.
    Isabel Amaryllis - not necessarily my style, I definitely like a slightly more uncommon first name, but the important part to me is that the combination sounds good together. This flows nicely and I appreciate that!
    Reina Hyacinth - [heart eyes] okay Reina is not my favorite but Hyacinth is so beautiful! Floral, but strong. Exactly the kinda name I would want for my little girl!
    Mavis Rhiannon - I would not use Mavis, but I do love Rhiannon! Again a feminine name that isn't frilly!
    Della Eris - I don't like the vowel at the end of Della kinda blending in with Eris here, but I do appreciate the lack of repeating sounds otherwise! Eris is so unique!
    Anneliese Ivy - I absolutely ADORE this combination! I have considered both of these names at different times but I've never thought of them together. Love it!
    Athena Celeste - Celeste is definitely a top name for me, and Athena is a guilty pleasure for sure! I don't know if I could ever actually use Athena, unfortunately, and my husband hates Celeste (whyyyy?! it pairs so nicely with so many first names!) Athena Celeste is just the right combination of strong and soft, uncommon but not strange, hard edges and round vowels.

    James David - They sound good together, but it's a little tame!
    Finnian Walter - Yes! These sound great together! I do prefer Finnegan to Finnian though.
    Sam Everett - Sam is tame for me, but I love Everett!
    Ian Atticus - I typically would think Ian is too generic, but paired with Atticus hits the sweet spot to me! I love name combinations that are a little different but still attainable (at least, for real life naming of babies!) Ian Atticus is lovely!
    Lochlan Pierce - again this is a great blend to me! I love Lochlan, especially with a short, strong middle.
    Ronin Jax - Ronin might be a bit too much for me, it makes me think of like a medieval video game or something (isn't there a Ronan from a comic book?) Also it makes me think of Rohan from middle earth and it's a bit too much for me! I do like the sound though.
    Emmett Andre - Ah Emmett, if only it weren't so popular! I like the sounds here together! Strong and a little soft ending with the lilting Andre.
    Ben Remus - Remus [heart eyes] but Ben is too simple for Remus!
    Julius Kellen - I don't necessarily love these names, but the sound together is delicious!
    Caleb Dashiell - Caleb isn't one I would use - again, too generic for me, but Dashiell modernizes it right up! Great combo!

    I just love these types of names with no similar endings, not a lot of repeating sounds, hard sounds combined with soft ones, modern with unexpected. Even if I wouldn't use them, we definitely have similar styles!
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    Auden Rena - Not a fan of this combo. I prefer Auden on a boy and Rena feels unfinished. Auden Serena feels more grounded.
    Clarke Aveline - I prefer Clarke on a boy. Aveline is pretty though.
    Tatum Cadence - This is a nice combo.
    Delta Wren - This is my favorite from your girl names. It's really pretty and cute.

    Rory Hart - This is my favorite from your boy names. It's really handsome.
    Callum Avery - Not a fan of this combo. I don't like either names and I prefer Avery on a girl.
    Lowell Hayes - Not a fan of Lowell. Hayes is adorable though. Maxwell Hayes would be gorgeous.
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    @blueylit Thanks for your amazingly thorough feedback on my signature!
    Rosa ~ Haven ~ Irie ~ Frances ~ Eve ~ Primrose ~ Olivine ~ Georgia ~ Lucille ~ Mirabelle ~ Valley ~ Carolina ~ Prynne ~ Freya ~ Maisie ~ Calypso ~ Odessa ~ Katalina ~ Esperanza ~ Louise

    Ambrose ~ Octavio ~ Cristiano ~ Idris ~ Vicente ~ Roman ~ Abel ~ Imre ~ Francisco ~ Ichigo ~ Thorin ~ Cedric ~ Valerian ~ Silas ~ Callum ~ Alarlc ~ Felix ~ Alejandro ~ Salem ~ Theo

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    What do you think of my signature?

    Teen Berry
    Planning ahead, not expecting just yet

    Serafina Artemis ★ Rosemary Briar ★ Persephone Claire ★ Octavia Delaney

    Dashiell August ★ Wilder Maverick ★ Malachi Phoenix ★ Lachlan Rafferty

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