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    Middle Names for Piper and Hazel

    My husband and I are having our first children next month and they are twin girls. We have been certain about the first names Piper and Hazel for a long time because we both like them. However, we can’t think of good middle names. Some names that are important in our family are Greta, Billie, and Marie. Also, the last name is Foster. Thank you for any help you can offer!

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    Some ideas based on the family names:

    Piper Margaret and Hazel Marian (or Piper Marian and Hazel Margaret)
    Piper Willa and Hazel Maren / Marina
    Piper Daisy and Hazel Willa
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    Thank you for all of the great suggestions! We really like Mabel for Piper because of the combination of Marie and Billie and it was, coincidentally, the name of my husband’s great grandmother. We also like Margot and Blue. For Hazel we like Gretchen and Margaret (another significant name on my side of the family), but we are not too sure.
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    I think Mabel would be too similar to Hazel as a middle name for Piper. Maybe Maeve? I'm not a big fan of Gretchen either. Maybe Genevieve? I think Hazel Maeve and Piper Genevieve would be great or vice versa. Margaret also works good.
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    My husband just mentioned the name Tamsin which seems to work well with either first name. I also like it because it means “twin.” For the other middle name Tatum could work because my husband and I both like this name. It also seems to work well with either Piper or Hazel. Please let me know what you think!
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    Tamsin is a favourite of mine and I also like Tatum, so I think they would be great as middles, especially given the meaning of twin. Tamsin sounds good with both of them but I prefer Tatum with Piper so: Piper Tatum and Hazel Tamsin.

    Or I really like Piper Tamsin and Hazel Greta.

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