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    Cecilia V Cecily

    Just a quick poll to see which you all prefer; Cecilia Violet or Cecily Violet? Older sister is Aurora. TIA!

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    Hi there.

    I chose Cecily. I love the femininity & sing-songy quality of it. It's also way less popular than Cecilia.

    Hope this helps.
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    I prefer Cecilia. Cecily just always sounds juvenile to me. I can picture Cecilia better on an adult.

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    They are both lovely but there are a few historic connections that always make me choose Cecily over Cecilia. Plus, in this instance, I feel like she sounds better with Violet.
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    Cecily!!! I love the flow
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    I like them both, perhaps Cecilia a tad more, but I think Cecily Violet flows better. Gorgeous combo and stunning with sister Aurora!
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    I greatly prefer Cecilia. Cecily feels incomplete and almost whiny? Aurora and Cecilia are perfectly matched.

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    Cecilia Violet is my favourite - a gorgeous flow and sound! I'm not normally keen on Violet but Cecilia really "makes" her.
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    I think Cecilia Violet is so pretty, and I personally like that both sisters would have an -a ending.
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    I chose Cecily - I find it a bit more refreshing and upbeat than Cecelia, kind of like the subtle difference between Sophie/Sophia. I also like that it has the same number of syllables as Aurora while still having its own distinct sound and personality.

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