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    honest opinions about Paul

    Please give your honest opinions about Paul.

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    I think it’s a classic name!It’s not one of the names I have in mind to use but I’ve seen both young and adult Pauls, and it wears well on both!
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    I love Paul! I think it's a sturdy yet sensitive name and agree that it works well on any age. Very handsome!
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    I went to school with quite a few Pauls. For me it's a very middle of the road name, kind of like John. It's nondescript enough, not in a bad way, that I don't see any particular personality tied to it. Paul is not a name that excites me, but it doesn't bore me in the way Michael or Matthew or Jacob have come to.

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    Solid name. I know a little Paul who has a brother named Ryan.

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    I find Paul to be very dull.
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    I think it's pretty bland to be honest. I've always preferred Apollo.
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    I love the name Paul. It is classical, biblical, papal, and not very common. I loved it as a child (the only boy's name I liked then) and my second son was named Stephen Paul Jonathan.

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    Maybe in twenty years, right now Paul sounds like your stereotypical American fifty-year-old man.
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