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    Help! Amelia vs Nora!

    My husband and I are both stuck and wanted opinions to maybe help our decision. We've been battling these two names for a while and aren't making any progress, which is hard.

    Last year we’ve experienced a stillbirth at 22 weeks. For our wedding anniversary that year, we’ve decided to take a trip out of town to Amelia Island in FL.
    We both returned refreshed and hopeful for our rainbow baby whenever it was time. Returning started our healing process after the death of our son.

    Amelia means striving and hard worker. But we think of the island when it comes to that name and how we came home with hope.

    Nora means light/ honor. In order to have a rainbow you need light, and our daughter has brought so much light into our lives already. Also, we are believers so we give all honor to God for our miracle baby. (We had second infertility and the month we’ve decided to give it all to God and let go, was the month we got pregnant.)

    Any opinions would help tremendously. June is to honor her big brother. He was stillborn June 2018. So the middle name will not change.

    Thank you in advance. 💕

    Amelia June
    Nora June

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    I prefer Nora. It’s so simple and sweet. Amelia is fine, but it’s very popular with Amelia and Emilia ranking so high, if that bothers you.

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    I love Nora Amelia.

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    I prefer Nora, it's less popular and more feminine. Nora June is gorgeous.
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    Amelia is more my style.

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    Nora June is stunning!

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    Nora June is really wonderful.
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    Nora June is so sweet. I am so sorry for your losses. <3
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    I prefer Amelia June.

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    Nora June is beautiful!
    You might not be into it, but Nora June Amelie or Nora June Amelia might be an option?
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