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    Sorry for any repeats!


    I still really love Ernest with your other kiddos' names!
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    Thank you for contributing everyone

    It's lovely to hear others say that I shouldn't be worrying so much and that we WILL find a name. It's so frustrating to be searching and searching for that perfect name that ticks all the boxes without actually finding it... And because of that I feel like I just keep going around in circles.

    I do like lots of the names that have been suggested such as:

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    Thank you for reminding me of the most important thing; I need to bring things back to basics and ask myself which is the name that makes me happy (without worrying about popularity and selecting the 'right' style)?

    Thanks you for suggesting Oleander! I actually love everything about the sound of this name but am concerned about its association with poison. Do you think this matters? Does its meaning make it a deal breaker?

    A big thank you for your reassuring words xx
    You've brought up some great points about the whole baby naming process and the fact that any name can be scrutinised, regardless of what it is. I agree what you've said about no name being perfect. Not everyone is going to share our naming tastes and style. If only I could relax more about finding a name!

    Thank you for all of your research and suggestions!

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    I love Atticus! I do understand your concern about its popularity though. How about (sorry about any repeats):


    Sorry if these aren’t quite right.
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    Please don't be sorry! You've thought of some amazing names Jonty, Rufus and Calloway are fantastic

    Everyone has been so wonderful in their support of Atticus with our children's names. Thank you! It's a relief to hear that although Atticus has gained in popularity these past few years, many of you have said that they've never actually heard this name being used much in real life.
    You're story about your son's beautiful name not being as popular as Nameberry suggests gives me some hope!!

    Should I be worrying so much about others' viewpoint of this name under the comments section on the actual Atticus page? I know that the realistic and logical answer to that is no, but some people have really been quite cruel about wanting to use this name for a son. Why would anyone be so horrible about the use of a name? But then I ask myself why I actually care so much about other people's opinion. I suppose this is why we get on to Nameberry in the first place - being name nerds - to voice our opinions about the names we come across on this site.

    Sorry for venting - just had to get that off my chest! It's hard not to worry when I see that opinions about this name are so divided x

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    Atticus is one of my favorite boy names. It’s strong, beautiful, and the name of one of the best characters in American literature. It comes with the nickname “Atty” or “Kit,” but even without a nickname, it’s gorgeous and fun to say. I strongly believe that names are gifts, and to name a boy Atticus would be a very precious gift indeed.

    People are cruel. People online are downright monstrous sometimes. I completely understand how reading one negative comment can negate fifty positive ones. It’s heartbreaking when someone disparages something you love, even a name. However, at the end of the day, everyone your son ever meets will have an opinion about his name. Some might be negative. But the only opinions that truly matter are yours and (someday) his.
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    To be honest it sounds like his name might already be Atticus You just need to convince yourself you can use it.

    Every name on Nameberry has good and bad comments. On all the names I love and are top of our list for a real baby there are comments along the lines of 'urgh why would ANYONE name a baby this' etc., etc.,. People will always have their opinion and it won't match yours, it's just that when online people are much more likely to write down really negative comments that they wouldn't dream of saying in person. I don't like a lot of the names in the current top 100 but I respect that others do. My opinion on why I don't like those names do not need to be written down for the sole purpose of making a new parent or expectant parent anxious about others' views on the name. But unfortunately many others believe their voice should be heard no matter what (I won't go into a rant about social media etc here lol). It's just the tightrope you have to walk if you love uncommon names..

    Just think, if everyone loved the name you want to use, it would no longer be a 'rare' underused name, everyone would want to use it! By wanting an uncommon name you are automatically looking at names many people do not want to use and likely don't like (and write openly about why they don't like). Have a google of some people called Atticus, look at professional profiles pages and look for people with the name out there in real life. This will help you see that the name is usable and those already-named-Atticus' are doing fine even though there is a page on the internet that says otherwise.

    DO IT! Go with Atticus

    And if not, August is so dashing
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    I personally LOVE Atticus. I’ve never met one in real life, but the name is gorgeous. Don’t be afraid of what some comments say. It only matters if both of you and your son like it. I love how it sounds with your kids, too.
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    Kit as a nn for Atticus is perfect! Kit has been a name used for years, it's very Victorian! Which really fits with the sibset
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    I couldn't have said it better myself. It's so true about comments being said on here that would never be said in person!
    You're so right about the 'tightrope' we walk in our love for less frequently used names. And you've just made me realise that I'd much prefer it this way; reading unkind comments about the names I like, rather than everyone liking exactly the same names as me and potentially causing these names to become more popular. Thank you for highlighting this!
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