View Poll Results: Did you have a good childhood? (from your perspective)

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    Poll: Did you have a good childhood?

    Hi Berries,

    Feel free to vote on the poll or share/ not share as much detail in the comments as you feel comfortable with.

    This isn't for research or anything - I'm just curious.

    Thanks guys!

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    I voted yes and no.

    Obviously there are numerous factors that make a dramatic difference to a child's life and don't want to undermine that, but I really believe childhood is such a muddled mix of the good/bad for the majority of people including me.
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    @oliviasarah That's fair enough. I'm a yes & no too.

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    I said yes and no too, at the time we knew no different but in retrospect mum and dad’s relationship was extremely toxic. We lived a simple life which has taught us to appreciate what we do have but their relationship example which you grow up thinking what a relationship is has taken a lot of work to unlearn and except what I deserve if that makes sense.

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    @anna3891 Wow, thanks for sharing. I basically went through a very similar experience. For me it was realising how much emotional neglect I went through and how today I can heal from that. I'm glad you're finding your feet now :-)

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    I chose "yes and no". It was mostly good, especially up through early elementary school, but I contracted Lyme Disease in 3rd grade, was severely abused by my 5th grade teacher, and we lost our house just before 8th grade. I was also bullied a lot and excluded from a lot of things in high school. And I've had severe depression and anxiety since at least preschool. But my home life was great; I have an awesome, big family (most didn't live with us because the two half-siblings of mine we're closest two are over decade older than me and had their own families by the time I hit middle school) and I was always well provided for.
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    I voted yes and no too. I had a good early childhood, but I was bullied at school and started showing signs of depression and anxiety when I was around 10, in my older childhood as a result. I always had a good home life however, so in that respect my childhood was good.
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    Thank you both for sharing!

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    I went for Yes, but I guess Yes & No would also work.

    I chose yes because I think I had a really lovely childhood. Close family, loving, fun. Of course there were arguments (I was not a child that was prone to doing my homework) but I knew I was loved and wanted and I was cared for well above and beyond the basic needs.

    My mother died when I was 14. I don't know how much that still counts as 'childhood'. Obviously that was pretty terrible. But even since then my family have been wonderful and close and caring. So I went with an overall Yes.
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    I voted yes and no. I had an on and off toxic relationship w/ my father, has a terribly abusive stepfather, and was a victim of sexual assault. I had a severe eating disorder throughout late elementary, middle, and junior high school, and not many friends.

    Despite all that, I learnt so much and grew into who I am today. Without all those experiences, although I wouldn't wish them upon anyone, I wouldn't be 'me'. I met people who I hold near and dear to my heart. People proved how much they loved me, and I know my passions and where I belong in the world.

    Something that really redeemed my childhood was my mother. Despite the pain I went through, she proved herself loving and comforting time and time again, and I am so thankful for that. I couldn't be happier with who I've become, and who I have in my life. It definitely wasn't ALL bad. I always did well in school, and found enjoyment in the little things. I was a kid.
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