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    Archie and Maisie

    That’s all I have at the moment, I’m really struggling with sibsets. I’d love to use Archibald, but I don’t feel like it pairs well with Maisie. I love Camila, but I think it would be hard to wear hear in England.

    I love Archie so much that I would use it on its own but I’d prefer a longer form. I actually only want one child, preferably little Archie so I don’t have anything other that Maisie to pair with it.

    If I had more than one child (two at the most), I’d have Archibald and Frederick for sure! Archie & Fred!
    all time favourites

    archibald griffin “archie” | frederick rhodes “fred”
    | veronica rose “roni” | camila vivienne “cami” |

    trying out

    archie frederick | landen scott | jackson joseph
    | colton henry “cole” | tommie charles |

    camila jane “cami” | lilian felicity “lili” | thea maisie
    | juniper elizabeth | lyla vivienne | indie raine |
    brayden luke | roman dexter “rex” | griffin andrew
    | boston alexander | kellan joel “kelly” |

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    Currently I daydream of boy/girl twins Dustin James and Cleo Florence as siblings for Olive Margaret
    Olive Margaret / 21.10.18

    Ginny Florence
    Fay Marigold
    Cleo Seraphina

    Dustin James
    Grady Stefan
    Chester Maxwell

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    I want 3 kids so...

    Jasper, Asa, and Bruno
    Jasper, Asa, and Sylvie
    Jasper, Sylvie, and Thea
    Sylvie, Thea, and JuneJunie

    Little Laddies
    Asa Peregrine Jude
    Jasper Leo Augustin
    Bruno Sebastian Wilde
    Arthur Jules Hawthorn

    Little Lassies
    Sylvie Ada Juniper
    Thea Marigold Noor
    June Eliza Primrose
    Etta Wildflower Jane

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    I’d love to have four kids. I love the names Maeve, Rowan, and Eleni together. To get to four, I’d add:

    Maeve Alaska
    Rowan Eliza
    Eleni Micah
    Cassian Peter


    Maeve Alaska
    Rowan Eliza
    Eleni Micah
    Cleo Linnea
    Abby | 20 | Psychology Student | Writer

    no combos

    maeve, cleo, rowan, eleni, iris, parker, juno, talia, megara, nephele, & siena
    cassian, leo, evren, finnian, torin, alden, luca, nico, declan, myles, & paxton


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    Cair Paravel :)
    Realistic dream set would be 5 kiddos. I have loved the idea of Adele, Eva, Casper, Violet, and Sebastian for years now, but realistically they'd be: Isabelle Aurora Grace, Adele Mira Elisabeth, Avery Ian George, Evangeline Dagny Louise, and either Casper Nathaniel Eden or Boaz Andreas Henry, because those are my tippy-top favorites.

    If I could handle it (financially, emotionally, and time-wise), I'd love to have anywhere between 8-12, though. They'd probably be a mixture of these favorites per gender (I know I picked 13, but I honestly couldn't figure out which one to eliminate!):

    Isabelle, Adele, Evangeline/Eva, Violet, Eleanor, Emmeline, Claire, Audrey, Zoe, Hazel, Ayla, Arianne "Ari", and Daisy.
    Avery, Boaz, Casper, Rowan, Samuel, Sebastian, Jack, Reef, Auden, Aquila, Asa, Torin, and Eoghan.
    Ashley | dreamer | Christian | storyteller

    uma esperança de amor
    Tali Eliora ¤ Adelaide Maja Eliane ¤ Emmeline Poppy Cecile ¤ Vera Eliora
    Torin Cornelius ¤ Judah Theophile Grey ¤ Augustine Pudens Grey ¤ Casper Benjamin
    Evangeline Dagny Louise ¤ Isobel Grace ¤ Helena Aspen ¤ Claire Tirzah Elisabeth
    Jack Rilian Alexander ¤ Aquila Daniel John ¤ Asa David ¤ Everett Joshua

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    I’ll just name a few twin combos since I love the idea of naming twins Lol.


    Tiffany & Priscilla
    Hollis & Briar
    Freya & Phoebe


    Callum & Silas
    Roman & Vincent
    Calvin & Felix
    Rosa ~ Haven ~ Irie ~ Frances ~ Eve ~ Primrose ~ Olivine ~ Georgia ~ Lucille ~ Mirabelle ~ Valley ~ Carolina ~ Prynne ~ Freya ~ Maisie ~ Calypso ~ Odessa ~ Katalina ~ Esperanza ~ Louise

    Ambrose ~ Octavio ~ Cristiano ~ Idris ~ Vicente ~ Roman ~ Abel ~ Imre ~ Francisco ~ Ichigo ~ Thorin ~ Cedric ~ Valerian ~ Silas ~ Callum ~ Alarlc ~ Felix ~ Alejandro ~ Salem ~ Theo

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    Cool question!!!

    GG : Pheonix Alabama & Aria Brooklyn

    BB : Wolf Maddox & Sidney James

    GB : Oakley Luna & Asher Quinn
    Eirini Eleni, teen years

    December Nash Lane
    Ocean Bronx Kason
    Forrest Yohan Rafferty
    Coleson Ryden Wiley

    Miami Asha Eleanna
    Skylynn Drew Daenerys
    Jazz Nechama Blake
    Alex Preslee Phoenix

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    East Coast
    A J

    My Loves

    Krystal Lynn • Madeleine Mae • Avery Nichole
    Clara Rhiannon • Makeda Jane • Chloë Emilia
    Elena Austen • Alice Elowen • Noa Liliana
    Lucy Dorienne Rae • Luna Faye • Emma Louise

    ⇝ ♡ ⇜
    Evan Nathaniel • Ethan Scott • Connor Michael
    Sasha Aidan James • Mason Elliott • August Orion
    Sebastian Everett • Killian Alistair Pyrs • Jude Emrys
    Graham Millard • Henry Hayes • Nicholas Ryan Tôllver

    Laugh hard. Run fast. Be kind.

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    Teen Berry
    Planning ahead, not expecting just yet

    Serafina Artemis ★ Rosalind Briar ★ Paloma Caroline ★ Ophelie Delilah

    Dashiell Finn ★ Evander Jonah ★ Caledon Arthur ★ Brooks Ronan

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    Casper Edwin Michael
    Hermione Dawn Elspeth
    Sybil Ruth/Mae Georgiana

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