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    June 🌕 baby

    Hi all,

    After three early miscarriages I was very hesitant to write on nameberry while I was pregnant for the fourth time. Luckily everything went well and in June I gave birth to a lovely little, very dark & hairy baby girl!
    A home birth, in a birthing pool, which went faster than I expected. She’s healthy and so sweet, and her big sister is proud and a big help for me.
    Her names are in my signature. Her first name is also a place in Germany which is dear to me because of memory’s of holidays with my grandfather & I just loved the name. Her second name was another all time favourite for me. Her third name again honours my grandfather because his name was Jan (pronounced Yan).
    I also considered other old Germanic names because they would fit well with her sister’s name, but in the end I decided I wanted a “softer” name.
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    Congratulations! It's always heartwarming to hear when people are finally blessed with a healthy, happy baby after miscarriage(s). Her name is so beautiful too!
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    Congrats! She has a wonderful name. My daughter is also a rainbow baby. I'm so glad you got your happy ending!

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    Congratulations! She has a beautiful and whimsical name.
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    Congratulations! Her name is lovely how do you pronounce her older sister’s name?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinclaiiir View Post
    Congratulations! Her name is lovely how do you pronounce her older sister’s name?
    Thank you ladies for the compliments and congratulations 💖 Yes, I purposely mentioned my miscarriages because I hope that this gives other people who are trying to conceive (again) hope. It was helpful for me when I was feeling down about ttc. With me it probably was down to age (I was 37/38 when trying) and perhaps my weight (bmi almost 30).

    Her sisters name is pronounced hah-duh-weeg (g is a hard throat sound).
    If you do not have this sound in your language it’s hard to pronounce ( I’m Dutch).
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    Lovely name! I have a Juno Many congratulations on your little rainbow.
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    Congratulations! Lorelei has a beautiful name!
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    I love it when babies have names with so much meaning and careful thought put into them. What a lucky little girl. Congratulations!
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    Huge congratulations to you! It's so wonderful to hear a happy ending Your daughters' names are beautiful!
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