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    Combination ideas and first name suggestions, please

    Hello everyone,
    I'm not expecting but I was hoping you might be able to help me. I'd love some new combo ideas. Ideally, I'd like names with two middle names, one honoring family and one nature/water name or literary name (order doesn't matter). I would also love first name suggestions based on my signature and the ones I list below.
    Thank you!

    My current favorite combinations:
    Otto Evander Jack nn Otter (includes a nature/water nn and two family names)
    Ronan Merrick Leo (includes two water/nature names, a literary name, and two family names)
    Theodore Harbor Wood nn Thor (includes two water/nature names, a literary name, and two family names)
    Seaton Jeffrey Cove (includes two water/nature names, and a family name)
    Felix Ocean Green nn Fox (includes two water/nature names, one family name, bonus: initials spell FOG)

    Linnea Lupine Meg (includes three water/nature names, one literary name, and two family names)
    Farley Jean Willow (includes two water/nature names, one literary name, and one family name)
    Alba Dew Baleen (includes two water/nature names, one literary name, and one family name)
    Larsen Maple Nova (includes two water/nature names, and one family name)
    Oona Alice Bay (includes two water/nature names, one literary name, and one family name)

    First names:
    Anders, Ansel, Chord, Elliot, Ellis, Emmons, Etienne, Felix, Folke, Forge, Foster, Grayer, Jedidiah, Jethro, Jude, Marco, Orson, Otto, Ronan, Seaton, Shepherd, Silas, Solomon, Talmadge, Theodore

    Alba, Astrea, Avia, Britta, Caitrin, Coralie, Eliza, Esme, Farley, Hazel, Heidi, Io, Ivy, Jovie, Katara, Kendra, Larsen, Linnea, Nina, Oona, Sienna, Sybil, Vada, Violet, Vivia, Wren, Zinnia

    Water/Nature names:
    Acre, Anchor, Beacon, Bjorn, Calder, Caspian, Cedar, Coast, Cove, Creek, Draco, Dylan, Eider, Everest, Falco, Fennec, Ford, Fox, Grayer, Haidar, Harbor, Hawthorne, Kai, Koa, Koi, Leeu, Leo, Lion, Mariner, Nile, Oakes, Ocean, Orson, Otter, Peregrine, Quay, Raiden, Reef, Ren, Rio, Ronan, Sage, Seaton, Shore, Silas, Tiberius, Tide, Tiller, Wave, Wells, Wilder, Wood, Wren

    Astrea, Baleen, Bay, Cielle, Coralie, Delta, Dew, Duska, Edelweiss, Farley, Gaia, Gully, Hazel, Io, Isla, Ivy, Juniper, Katara, Laika, Lavender, Lilia, Linden, Linnea, Luna, Lupine, Maple, Meadow, Meara, Meg, Minnow, Murphy, Myrtle, Navi, Nixie, Nova, Oceane, Ondine, Oona, Paloma, Pearl, Penrose, Peony, Prairie, Prideaux, Ripley, Rivers, Roisin, Rosalie, Rosamee, Rosina, Sage, Sakura, Salish, Selkie, Sienna, Snow, Soleil, Sparrow, Stella, Teale, Tiger, Violet, Waverly, Wildrose, Willow, Winter, Wren, Yue, Zinnie

    Literary names:
    Arthur, Augustus, Burrow, Dean, Dickens, Draco, Elder, Fawkes, Forest, Grey, Gryffin, Huxley, Ignotus, Kingsley, Kipling, Knight, Mercer, Oliver, Ollivander, Parish, Pensieve, Puck, Quill, Remus, Ronan, Samwise, Seeker, Theoden, Theodore, Wilkie

    Alba, Alice, Anglia, Coralie, Eloise, Hermione, Kendra, Lavender, Luna, Lupine, Matilda, Myrtle, Poppy, Scout, Sybil, Willow

    Family names:
    Alexander, Aurelian, Dean, Eugene, Evander, Green, Haidar, Jack, Jackson, Jeffrey, John, Leeu, Leo, Lion, Mercer, Merrick, Milo, Simba, Thor, Wood

    Alexandra, Alice, Aurelia, Caitrin, Coralie, Dean, Dew, Esme, Evangeline, Georgiana, Grace, Greta, Hazel, Jean, Joan, Johnna, Katara, Lupine, Maple, Margalo, Margaret, Margo, Mary, Maybelle, Meg, Pearl
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto Evander Jack, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    I love this. I'm trying to do the same myself, particularly with family names and water/nature names. I was trying to add in some literary names as well, but wasn't holding strictly to that. It is great to see how someone else is trying for the same ideas when it comes to names. Thank you for sharing!

    A few other combinations that may work for you are:

    -Theodore Merrick Fox nn Thor
    -Theodore Merrick Kai nn Thor, but I think this many people would get on my case for the ending of Merrick blending w/ the beginning of Kai
    -Silas Oliver John
    -Elliot Everest Leeu (has the initials EEL)
    -Elliot Leeu Merrick (has the initials ELM)
    -Felix Ignotus Green nn Fox (has the initials FIG)

    -Eliza Georgiana Poppy (I also see Poppy as a nature name)
    -Violet Ivy Grace
    -Heidi Matilda Alice (I originally thought Heidi Alice Matilda, then looked at the initials -- HAM)
    -Heidi Matilda Snow
    -Vada Eloise Grace (initials VEG refer to vegetables; if your last name begins with A, VEGA is a star in the constellation Lyra)
    -Vada Isla Dean (again, if your last name begins with A, VIDA is life in Spanish)
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    Other Names:
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