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    A question for young(er) berries!

    Not to discriminate against other generations, I’m just pretty sure I know what the response will be!

    I’ve fallen for the name Wilbur recently after watching Meet the Robinsons over fall break. I’ve always had an appreciation for the name (Wilbur Robinson was one of my first fictional crushes back in 2007 when the movie came out!) but when I saw a post about it on another site, the name got so many terrible and honestly just plain rude responses. The major critique is that it’s the name of the pig from Charlotte’s Web.

    I’ve never read Charlotte’s Web or seen the movie. My first associations with Wilbur are Wilbur Robinson from Meet the Robinsons and the bird from The Rescuers Down Under. To be honest, I had forgotten about the pig until I saw that post.

    I’m wondering if my school district was just weird in not making us read Charlotte’s Web? Is the pig still going to be everyone’s primary association? And if it did come up, would I be able to deflect the question by saying, “No, not like the pig, like Wilbur Robinson!”

    *I don’t really need opinions on Wilbur because I know I like the name itself. I would like some opinions about whether the Charlotte’s Web pig makes the name unusable.

    Again, I appreciate responses from anyone but I’d specifically like to ask other Gen Zs or young millennials if the pig is still their major association. Thank you!
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    I'm a similar age to you and I've never read Charlotte's Web either. Just looking up the plot, Wilbur doesn't seem to be a bad character so even if people did make the association, unless anyone wants to correct me, it's not a terrible one?

    To be honest, Felix is being used despite the cat food association, Casper is being used regardless of the ghost, I've got a kid at work called Lolita atm - I wouldn't think of asking those parents if it was after the ghost or the cat or the book.

    So to cut this ramble off, no, my first association isn't the pig (actually, it's my guinea pig, who happens to be called Wilbur, just because i stumbled across it and thought it was cute!) and even if i did think of the big, I wouldn't assume the parents had used it because of that
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    Wilbur is so handsome!
    I'm seventeen, and I loved the movie when I was a little kid. Pigs were my favorite animal so I watched it a billion times.
    And somehow I don't think of the pig when I hear it! I mean, it was many years ago, and the movie/book isn't as popular nowadays as it was back then. My girlfriend's recently been into a youtuber named Wilbur, and that's what comes to mind. But even before that I wouldn't have thought of Charlotte's Web unless I was trying to think of movie characters named Wilbur.
    Either way, I don't think it's the worst association. I remember him being an adorable and smart little animal in the film, and not depicted as a big gross pig laying in mud or anything.
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    Well, I’ve never seen or read anything you mention, but Wilbur is a name with no associations for me. I just think it’s handsome.
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    I've heard of Charlotte's Web but did not know there was a pig in it! So I would not have made that association. The father character in Hairspray (played by Christopher Walken in the film) came to mind. But that's the only Wilbur I've ever heard of.
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    I’m only a few years older than you, the pig in Charlotte’s Web was the first thing that comes to mind with this name but I don’t think it’s a negative association. It’s a sweet movie and nice name

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    Hmmmm... I'm 17 and Charlotte's Web is definitely the first thing which comes to mind. I think that where I live, a lot of other people my age (and older people) would also associate the name with the pig. I like Wilbur but I think useability definitely depends on where you live.
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    Nineteen, almost twenty year old here...

    I don’t think we were required to read Charlotte’s Web, but I personally did (and saw the movie many ... many times) and yes, that is my first association. I think it’s a stronger one to most people than Meet the Robinson’s - I forgot about that character until you mentioned him, actually. It’s not a bad association at all, but I would assume the association to being the name of a pig is a very, very strong one, so I guess it depends on if that bothers you or not - and if I’m right lol.
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    I think Wilbur is such a great name! Its handsome, old fashioned and a little quirky.
    For me I strongly associate it with Charlotte's web, but its definitely not a bad association.

    I would love to use the name, but I'm sure my family would always talk about the pig, including my partner. Lol
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    27 here, and I read the book, owned the book, and watched the movie several times growing up. I can't recall if I ever read it specifically for school though. Perhaps in the very early years, like 1st-3rd? Either way, it wasn't the first thing I thought of. I love Meet The Robinson's too, and I hadn't thought of that character either! To me it's just a name, no associations. I actually thought this was going to be another one of those "is the name too old to use" kinda threads before I started reading!

    As others have said though, I recall Wilbur being a sweet little thing. A little timid and nervous, and absolutely adorable. I also remember Wilbur being a loyal friend and standing up for Charlotte, he was brave despite his timidness, so he had a wonderful personality to boot! He was a cute little piglet in the movie, and I think if people are going to think of Charlotte's Web first, that's the image they'll conjure. It's not like they'll be thinking of some big, fat, gross potbelly pig rolling around in the mud. So, honestly, I see no issue with the association anyway.
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