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Thread: Good Ol' Rory

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    Good Ol' Rory

    Hey guys! Today's name crush is something a little more simple instead of my usual eccentric statement predilections.


    Short, sweet, and full of spunk.
    All the things I could want in a shorter name.

    The meaning of Rory is; "red ruler". Perfect for a redhead!

    I will also reluctantly admit that yes... I did in fact, fall in love with Rory after binge-watching Gilmore Girls over the weekend. No shame.

    So what are your opinions on good ol' Rory? Do you think it can stand on it's own or should it be reserved as a nickname for Aurora? Give me all your thoughts!
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    I’ve always loved the name Rory for either sex (because of Gilmore Girls as well). It’s such an ageless, interesting name that is familiar to people yet underused. I considered Aurora nickname Rory and Rory on its own for my daughter before my partner vetoed both options. If we ever have a boy I’ll definitely try to convince him. Although to me Rory is two syllables - I’m not sure if your comment about it being one syllable is a mistake?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdfm View Post
    I’m not sure if your comment about it being one syllable is a mistake?
    Haha I just caught that! Yeah, that was an error, sorry I mean to say 2 syllables!"
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    I agree with all the things you said about the name. Personally I prefer a longer name, but I definitely don’t think it needs one. Aurora with the nickname Rory was on my list a couple years ago, it’s so lovely!

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    Rory is pretty cute -sweet, funky and tough. I do prefer it as a nn for a girl but i think it could hold it's own too. I think it makes a nice nn for Aurelia, Eleanora, Astoria and Eliora as well as Aurora
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    I love Rory! I definitely prefer it as a standalone name, for a boy or girl. I know a little 2-year-old Rory girl and it suits her wonderfully. I think it is a great mix of spunky and sweet and boyish. Maybe it's because of Gilmore Girls, but it does also strike me as a very New England name for a girl.

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    I think Rory as a standalone name is cool and spunky, but I would personally use it as a nickname for Aurora or Astoria.
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