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    ABC Favorite Baby Names

    Hey berries! I have a game for you to play. So in this game you need to list your favorite baby names in ABC order. List one for a boy and one for a girl. If you can't decide on one, you can do two.

    Finnian Leo "Finn" & Forest Michael

    Farrah Grace "Fairy" & Felicity Hope "Lissy"

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    Sarai Matilda|Una Adele|Sholto Felix|Percy Evander
    Inspired by...
    Tilda Genevieve|Ziggy Callum|Elsa Romilly|Lorcan Poe
    Marcy Eloise|Orion Cedric|Lorelei Ginevra|Reggie Tobias
    Waverly Clara|Romeo Loch|Clementine Anouk|Fisher Milo
    Nara Evangeline|Clyde Horatio|Aubrey Lois|Ewan Reid

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    Asher and Arielle
    Bryce / Beau and Beatrice
    Cove and Cassandra
    Esmond and Evangeline
    Fox and Flora
    Gray and Gwendolyn
    Hollis and Hannah / Helena
    Ira and Isadora
    Judah and Juna
    Lowell and Lia
    Maxwell and Mercy
    Nico and Nadia
    Onyx and Orla / Opal
    Phoenix and Penelope
    Raphael and Rosemary
    Skyden and Saoirse
    Thomas and Tamsin
    Victor and Valorie
    Wilder and Willow
    Yuri and Yvonne / Yvette
    Zion and Zelda

    Admittedly, some of these are subject to change with my mood.
    eryn. nothing serious, just having fun with names.

    ~Evangeline Maris * Arielle Isadora * Rosemary Estelle * Lilliana Opaline~
    * Mercy Eleanora * Lia Hannah * Marilyn Gwenore * Helena Iris *

    ~Lowell Asher * Cove Christian * Wilder Thomas * Judah Skyden~
    * Laine Maxwell * Luca Fox * Hollis Gray * Asa Weston *


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    A - Ariadne & Alaric
    B - Beatriz & Beckett
    C - Cassia and Cleo & Cadmus or Cassius
    D - Demetria & Dimitri
    E - Esme and Elowen & Ezra
    F - Freya & Fox
    G - Genevieve & Gael (gA-el)
    H - Hermione & Holden
    I - Ianthe & Indigo
    J - Juliette & Judah
    K - Keturah & Kai
    L - Leonie &
    M - Mila & Micah
    N - Naia & Nico
    O - Odette & Orion
    P - Persephone & Phoenix
    Q - none
    R - Rosalie & River
    S - Solange & Sylvan
    T - Thea & Theo
    U - Uma & Uriah
    V - Veronica & Vaughn
    W - Willow & Wolf
    X - Xitllali & Xiuhcoatl
    Y - none
    Z - Zipporah & Zephyr
    Juliette Moon| Rosalie Jude| Ianthe Willow| Ariadne Snow| Juno Aurelia| Cassia Winter| Esme Alexandra

    River Endymion-River Judah| Nico Evander| Arlo Jasper| Ezra Wolf| Alaric Sage| Orion Judah| Sylvan Rune

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    Astoria and Acacius
    Bellatrix and Bear (or Beauregard)
    Cassiopeia (or Charlotte) and Canaan (or Caspian)
    Daisy and Dougal
    Elowen and Evander (or Ezekiel)
    Freya and Finian
    Genevieve and Grayson
    Hyacinth and Hamish (my GP is Hades)
    Io and Isaak
    Josephine "Jo" and Jameson ( or Judah)
    Kaeden and Koda (or Killian)
    Lark and Lysander
    Maisie and Mars
    Nyx and Nehemiah "Nemo"
    October "Toby" and Odin
    Persephone and Paxton
    None and Quill
    Rowan and Raiden
    Scotland "Scottie" and Seamus (or Silas)
    Thistle and Tobias (or Theseus)
    Umber and Uzziah
    Valkyrie and Viggo
    Wildflower and Warrick
    Xanthea and Xylon
    Yarrow and Yosemite
    Zera and Zephaniah
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    The Forbiddens

    Bellatrix Raven . Waterlily ? . Waverly Rose

    Archimedes Moon . Hades Alexander . Judas Oleander

    Human to dogs Carmel, Rainier Paxton, and Ryder James, kitten Phinneas McDougal, and various foster animals

    〉〉More Names〈〈

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    Fur mommy to Amelia Skye, Artemis Sebastian & Fiona Beatrix

    Favorite girls: Guinevere, Daisy, Clementine, Greta, Eleanor, Adeline, Felicity

    Favorite boys: Colm, Ewan, Julian, Shiloh

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    In all things we are more than conquerors in Christ who loves us.- Rom. 8:37

    Erin, 27, born with Spina Bifida, Jesus and name lover.

    Juliet Elaine, Carys Noelle, Elodie Winter, Charlotte Everly, Lydia Colette, Linnea wren, Colette Anneliese, Stella Bridget, Lacey Noelle, Savannah Eden

    Wesley Jay, Elliott Carter, Dawson Riley, Roman ?, Asher Elliott, Evan Parker, Rhys Beckham, Josiah Liam, Riley Chase, Ronan

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    Toryn Matthew Benjamin➵Vivian Asher Night➵Kayne Archer Jaxon➵Ambrose Lucian Hale➵Gunner Dean Hendrix➵Thayer Jude Hadeon➵Roman Castiel Lane➵Jensen Connor James➵River Elliot Finn➵Severin Oskar Grey➵Brooke Sebastian Winter➵Arrow Gideon Davis➵Wolfe Austen Bayley➵Sabin Emery Shaw➵Jagger Rhydian Abbott➵Atreyu Arden Wes➵Levi Nathaniel Owen➵Spencer Uriah Poe

    Olwyn Felicity Jane➵Laken Isabelle Blythe➵Willow Genevieve Rain➵Éowyn Scarlett Rose➵Ocean Anastasia Wren➵Gracelyn Akela Jade

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    Briar Daveena | Ophelia June | Adeline Dana
    Cordelia Blythe | Octavia Willow | Astoria Haven | Luna Maren
    October Sarah | Daphne Sawyer | Violet Carys | Caroline "Callie" Hazel

    James Rodney | Phoenix Harley | Harley Dean
    River Tobias | Caspian Rhys | Wyatt Fox | Ryder Charlie
    Kit Nathaniel | August Rhodes | Reece Glenn

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