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    Marina or Ramona?

    We have two favourite names for this little girl and we can't decide - I like Ramona, my husband prefers Marina. Other names we have considered are Magdalen (my college) and Octavia, but I'm not sure if they are usable.

    I'm counting on you to help!

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    Between Ramona and Marina, I prefer Ramona. It has such a spunky feel to it, and is unique but known. I also love Magdalen and Octavia, Magdalen being my favorite of the bunch, and I think they are totally usable.
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    Marina is my favourite out of the two choices!
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    Crazy! I went to Magdalen College too (Oxford?) and very nearly named my youngest Ramona. We went with a different name in the end, but I love the rebellious, retro, rock ‘n’ roll vibe of Ramona. The things that ultimately put us off were: 1) Mona = moaner in most English accents; and 2) remoaner, a bit too topical right now.

    Marina and Octavia are also pretty, but Magdalen is fabulous! Love Maggie or Magda for short. But how would you pronounce it? MAG-dah-len or MAUD-lin?
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    I prefer Ramona out of your choices
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    I think you couldn't go wrong with any one of those names, but I like Marina best.
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    I prefer Marina, it's a gorgeous name.

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    Both are lovely but i think i prefer Marina
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    I like both names but I personally prefer Marina. It makes me think of ocean waves and has a spunky tranquility to it. I feel like Marina rolls off the tongue a little more easily too, but maybe that's just me! If I didn't associate the name with someone I know it would definitely be in my top ten names .
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    Both are lovely, but I prefer Marina due to the nn options. Love Marina nn Nina, but not so fond of Mona as a nn for Ramona. Marina seems more timeless as well due to its international flair. But you really cant go wrong!

    Best of luck!

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