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    Baby is apparently a little girl

    Hello Berries,

    Our baby is due in April and it’s apparently a little girl! My husband and I just can’t agree on girl’s names. For a boy we like Felix, Cadmus, August, Caspian, Arlo, Finn, Desmond, Gustave, Ambrose, Bartholomew, Lucian, Zephyr, but we were pretty set on Elliott or Everest.

    For a girl my husband is dead set on Marlowe. I love it BUT I’m French and we live in France. People would probably pronounce it wrong, spell it wrong, and make weird faces because Christopher Marlowe is completely unknown here.

    I was set on Esmée. My husband never loved it but he was okay with it. Now, he has doubts and doesn’t feel to use Esmée for our little girl.

    We both love the names Automne, Ysée and Olive. Once again we are having problems. Olive is not considered as a name for most people in France and and we are getting a lot of bad reviews. People make fun of the name. Automne (= Autumn) and Ysée seem just too French. If we move back to America (which is a serious consideration), I don’t want people to think that Automne is a creative spelling. Also, pretty sure we would get a lot of spelling and prononciation issues.

    The last name we like is Liv. It’s a nordic name and it means life. I think the meaning behind it is beautiful as it’s our rainbow baby. But I’m unsure about it. Is it too nicknamy? I was thinking about a little Liv nn Vivi and I thought it was adorable.

    We still have Rosamée somewhere in the list. Not sure how I feel about it yet.

    My husband likes Ada, Emery, Aspen, Freya, Scarlett, Skylar, Meije or Gemma. I don’t even know what I like anymore. I had Thelma, Daphne, Suzie, Primrose, Louve, Avril, Boheme, Haydée, Elinor, Maple, Octavia or Maxine on my list.

    What do you think? What would you do? Any suggestions?

    Thank you!
    If parents decide to choose a name from a certain culture, they must respect that culture and the gender for which the name was historically given

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    Congrats! That's so exciting to be having a little girl. If you both LOVE Marlowe, then maybe that's THE name, whether people have trouble pronouncing it or not. It's a great name - lively, approachable, yet sophisticated.

    I'm curious, have you considered Margot? Very similar to Marlowe, but might fit in in France better, I would venture a guess.

    It sounds like you're a little burned out of name hunting, so maybe take a break and go back to your name lists in a few days with fresh eyes. And don't be afraid to "test drive" shouting some names to get a feel for what you like the sound of out loud! Best of luck.

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    It sounds as if Marlowe or Liv are your best bets based on all the names and comments you listed. Marlowe is nice, and I'm not sure how it could be mispronounced (but, if it's the -e, perhaps you could spell it Marlow?) Liv is a lovely little name, that I assume would work well in France as well as the USA, has a lovely meaning, and is beautifully short and punchy (I don't find if too nickname-y at all).

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    I love the name Pascale. It might be perfect for a baby girl born around Easter.

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    My favorite french girls name is Vignette (Vin-yet)

    Marlow and Liv are both nice

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    If you both love Marlowe, I think that's the name for you! I understand your concerns, I really do - but your opinions as parents should be the only ones that truly matter. People pronounce fairly simple names wrong all the time around me - once my teacher thought my friend Nichelle was pronounced "ni-sell-ee." How, I have no idea - it's literally Michelle (which is super popular around me) with an N. But my point is that people will get names wrong regardless! Your daughter will correct them and they'll get it right the next time. Besides, you said you might move back to America, where my guess is there will be less pronunciation issues. As for people who make faces, if they're rude enough to do that... their opinion doesn't really matter anyways.

    If you're really concerned, an alternative is Margot. I think it's elegant and feminine, and might ease your concerns in terms of pronunciation. Another alternative I recommend is Marlene/Marlena.

    I'm sorry your husband doesn't like Esmée! I would be crushed if my husband (not that I have one) didn't like a name I was set on, but I know it's important to find a name you both love.

    I see what you mean by Ysée seeming too French. I think it's a beautiful name, but if you move back to America, people will probably be stumped - I think I would have more concerns about Ysée's pronunciation than Marlowe's.

    Automne is lovely, a really refreshing change from Autumn. I think it's stunning, but if I didn't know you were French, I have to admit I might have just thought it was a strange spelling. However, don't let that stop you. It's definitely different, but if you love it, go for it.

    I'm sorry about Olive! I think it's so sweet and gorgeous. To be fair, people make fun of a lot of names. Just remember that your opinion and love for the name outweighs all that, and if you move back to America, people won't really do a double take.

    I love the meaning for you behind Liv. However (and I'm sorry!) I've met too many girls named Olivia nn Liv - I do find it very nicknamey.

    Rosamée is sweet and beautiful sounding, and a great alternative to Esmée. Rosalie could also be a possibility?

    From your husband's list, I like Aspen. I think it's cool and unique, and for some reason I picture snowy mountains when I hear it. Freya is sweet but still spunky, it's fairly high on my own list of names. I also think Skylar is really gorgeous, with its naturey vibe.

    From your list, I love the vintage, sweet, feminine Daphne. I also love the super spunky, unique Octavia!
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    I enjoy Marlowe -it's sweet and funky. I think people would get used to it. Would Marlo or Marlow be easier to pronounce?
    Based on Marlowe, Margaux, Margot, Clara, Cleo, Rowan, Romy/Romilly, Josette, Arden

    Esmée is beautiful too and I like Olive too but from your descriptions, neither sound quite right for you

    Liv sounds like a good compromise for Olive! It's not my favourite but it gives me the vibes of Marlowe and some of the other names you like! The meaning is good too. Eve or Eva might be an alternative?

    Rosamée is pretty and full of flair. Rosine, Rosina, Melodie/Melody, Rosalie and Edmee came to mind

    Ada, Scarlett, Aspen, Daphne, Primrose, and Elinor are also nice.

    Based on some of your other favourites, I'd suggest:

    Sarai Matilda|Una Adele|Sholto Felix|Percy Evander
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    Thank you for all the replies!

    Is Liv commonly used for girls named Olivia? Is it really popular? That was one of my fear.

    I'm also difficult for feminine names, I have to admit it. Margot is cute but has been way too popular in my country for the past 20 years. Probably top 10 or 20. As a teacher I see plenty of little girls with this name, and I have at least 5 acquaintances named Margaux/Margot.

    For Marlowe, people might prononce it Mar-louie. Marlo and Marlow look more boyish and not finished in my opinion. I like it only with the -e at the end. I'm sorry.

    I love Colette in the suggestions, but it's my aunt's name, as Sylvie is. Léonie is gorgeous but also getting popular. But, it was my great grandma's name! I could actually use this one.

    I also like and just suggested:
    Alouette (but not wearable in France, just like Vignette, sadly).

    My husband only "likes" Cleo, Cosette, Faye and Maya.

    @Larkub, I think you are right, I maybe need to take a little break. It makes me sad, I'm so scared that my little girl doesn't have a beautiful name.

    Thank you :-)
    If parents decide to choose a name from a certain culture, they must respect that culture and the gender for which the name was historically given

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    I guess what you could also consider is: will your child attend a French school/daycare? Will you speak French with her at home? Because if she'll barely have any contact with the French language, I think it's fine to give her a name that may not be easy to spell and pronounce for French speakers.
    Otherwise, I think I would stick to something that goes well in both English and French. For example:

    As someone who grew up with a French name in a German-speaking environment, I can say it was definitely hard, people constantly misspelled and mispronounced my name (some even made fun of it), and for a really long time I hated my name for those reasons and cursed my parents for not giving me an easier middle name. I ended up going by various nicknames exclusively, and will probably continue to do so unless I ever live in a French speaking community. But, it's not impossible. I could have insisted on people calling me by my name, learning to pronounce and spell it. Personally, I would give my child a name I love, but also give them a middle name so that they could decide which name to use.

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