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Thread: Otis and Romy?

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    I think Otis and Romy suit better than Otis and Celeste. Both gorgeous names
    I also really like Otis and Zelda!!

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    Romy, Celeste, and Zelda are my favorite with Otis.

    They all have a familiar but uncommon feel. They have some spunk to each of them that I find refreshing.

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    Otis and Elsa or Otis and Clara.
    Elsie is a nickname.
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    Otis and Romy go really well together. They are different in style, but share the same hipster vibe. Both are unexpected and spunky.

    Otis and Celeste share the same vintage flair. They also work well together, but for different reasons.

    My favourite though is Clara. Otis and Clara are the perfect mix between vintage and hipster/spunky.

    You really cant qo wrong. Best of luck!

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