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Thread: Otis and Romy?

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    Otis and Romy?

    Nearing due date and keen for opinions Re names! Have a son Otis who will have a baby sister soon.
    Otis and Romy?
    Otis and Celeste?
    Otis and Clara?
    Otis and Harriet?
    Otis and Elsie?
    Otis and Magnolia?
    Otis and Chela?
    Otis and Zelda?
    Otis and Audrey?

    Romy and Celeste are our front runners- but so polar opposite. Romy is a nickname name and then Celeste is a full name that doesn’t easily shorten.

    Which works best and why?

    I’m not normally a nickname as full name fan but Romy got me.

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    Otis and Romy are great!! I love Romy!!

    Celeste and Clara are great too
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    I prefer Romy. You could always lengthen it to Rosemary or Ramona, nn Romy?
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    I like Romy too. I think it matches Otis. Good luck!

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    Romy is great with Otis! Both are quirky and short.
    I also love Zelda and Harriet with Otis.
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    I knew a Celeste that went by Cece. Also, I don’t think Romy and Celeste are polar opposites. They’re a little different in style, but not by much.

    My favourites with Otis are definitely Romy, Clara, and Elsie.
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    I really liked the suggestion of Ramona nn Romy. Otis and Romy are really nice together.
    I also like the sounds of Otis and Magnolia and Otis and Audrey.

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    I adore the name Otis and to me, Otis and Clara is perfection. To be honest I don’t particularly like Romy or Celeste but that’s just a personal opinion thing, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with either. I also really like Harriet, Zelda, Audrey and Magnolia with Otis. Good luck with everything!

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    I really enjoy Otis and Romy!
    I find Otis Celeste quite hard to say next to each other (could be just me)

    From your list I also like Zelda
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    I like Clara, Elsie, and Zelda with Otis. I think my favorite of the three would be Elsie. Elsie and Otis.

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