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    Ideally I’d like to have 4 children with them being quite close in age (2-3 years), but maybe a bigger gap between 2 and 3. As for names I’d go:

    Pandora Beatrix Fae
    Caspian Sherlock Walter
    Artemis Valkyrie Clio
    Ptolemy Lysander George

    In reality I’ll probably have two, and I’d like to adopt as well as have biological children, so names might differ.
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    My ideal family that I'd actually have:

    Alice Marigold - born in either Oct/Nov or March when I'm about 29/30.
    Lucas Avery - born Feb/March/April when I'm about 33.
    Eliza Ruth - born Sept/Oct/Nov when I'm about 36.

    My ideal family that I'm not going to have, but a girl can dream!

    Alice Marigold - when I'm about 27
    Lucas Avery - when I'm 30
    Eliza Ruth - when I'm about 33
    Twins Oscar Nathan and Isaac Sebastian / Orla Natalie and Ivy Frances - as a surprise when I'm about 38.
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    My dream would be two boys and two girls. If I'd been able to plan my life, I would have met my spouse a lot earlier and these kids would already be born and named. If I named them 100% on my own, they'd be:

    DS: Ezra James
    DS/DD: Boaz Landon / Lucia Willow Rae *Lucy*
    DD: Calliope Meadow Rose *Callie*
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    Ideally I'd have boy-girl twins
    Sullivan Clifford and Adelaide Foster - Sulley and Daisy.
    I'd love a spring birthday so early May/late April, maybe even into June.
    As for my age I'd shoot for 30-34.
    Personality-wise as long as the kids are well behaved and happy I don't really care
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    I want to 2-3 kids, either one of each for two, or two girls and one boy.

    Lexington/Lexi Summer

    Leah Briar

    Milo Andrew

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    I want 6, all or most of them adopted. I don't mind age difference. If I got to name them:

    Caspian Oliver Atlas "Koa"
    Nefertari Diana Camille "Nara"
    Poseidon Ilaria Joy "Posie"
    Tiberius Alexander Aslan "Bear"
    Maximilian Valentine Dashiell "Max"
    Lucia Magnolia Braveheart "Lucy"

    I don't have specific personality but I'd love my children to be strong characteristics with a good moral code, children who make a difference and love with their whole heart.
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    We would like to adopt two children, and most likely foster when those two have grown. I think we'll probably want to adopt a girl and a boy, but I can see us being open about that, and about whether or not the children are siblings.

    We'd like to adopt older children between the ages of 5 and 10, but we also recognise that to do the right thing for everyone, you need to reflect on your limitations and what you may or may not be able to handle. It's something we would love to do though, so it's really something we're considering for the future.

    As for names, we are totally happy to take children in with whatever names they already have - with an option to change them if they would like to. In the case of that, I can see us letting them choose their own names if it's what they wanted. If it was advised to us that they keep their names, we could let them choose middles, again if they would like to.

    Ages... I can see us adopting children in a rather close age range, but again, something we might be open to.

    If the time is right and things have been settled a while, I can see us having cats too :-)

    As for fostering, this is something we could consider in the future, when we have space and time to give a child or children who need it, especially as by then we'll be more experienced with children.
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    My boyfriend and I were actually joking about this the other day (definitely not seriously as we're still teenagers lol), but we said 5 kids:

    Kennedy Sarah Myfanwy & Elijah Alex Carrow - late May/early June 2029
    Grayson Maxwell Juan - mid October 2033
    Skyla Jill Addiena - early/mid August 2035
    Hunter Gustav Ryan - late April 2038

    Personality wise, I would hope that they all have good morals and preferably similar ish interests (trying to find time for 5 different interests doesn't exactly sound easy!) but also be individual from one another.
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    Henry Isaac, October Libra 2025 (age 31)
    Alexandra "Allie" Bea, July Cancer 2028 (age 33)
    Gabriel "Gabe" Ezra, April Taurus 2030 (age 35)

    Alternately, she's the oldest and the boys are twins, in which case I want her in the late spring/early summer of 2026 (Taurus/Gemini/Cancer) and them in October 2028 (Libra)
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