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    Oscar or Alexander?

    We are expecting a baby boy - little brother to Phoebe Amelia. Middle name will be James (strong family name with significant meaning to me). What goes best with Phoebe?

    Oscar James


    Alexander James

    Many thanks!

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    I think Oscar James fits best with Phoebe Amelia. Next to Phoebe Amelia the name Alexander James seems a bit plain and almost like an afterthought. It's a shame too, since Alexander and James are such handsome names.

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    I like Oscar James best with Phoebe Amelia. Your girl has a great name! It’s my favourite
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    I generally prefer Alexander, but in this case I have to agree with the previous posters that Oscar James seems like the better fit for Phoebe Amelia's brother!
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    Oscar James sounds like a better pair to Phoebe Amelia, though I generally like Alexander better than Oscar.

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    I love Alexander, but Oscar definitely fits better with Phoebe both stylistically and sound wise. Oscar James and Phoebe Amelia are such a cute sibset too!
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    Another vote for Oscar
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    In agreement with previous posters - Oscar goes the best with Phoebe. I also prefer Alexander generally though.

    Just so you're aware, I'm part of two baby groups and have met 5(!) Oscars in my 6 months or so in them.
    So that's something to consider if you're worried about popularity (However, I am in the UK so this may be completely irrelevant).
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    I think Oscar and Phoebe are a fantastic sibset, they definitely have similar vibes! Alexander is a beautiful name too, but Oscar is perfect.
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