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    Father's name for daughter's middle?

    My husband and I are expecting our first child in January! We are naming her Lilias but we're having trouble choosing a middle name.

    What do you think of using my husband's first name as her middle name? I'm not a huge fan of naming a son after his father (as a junior), but I think it's a sweet idea for a daughter's middle name. It's sort of traditional with a twist? Her name would be Lilias Cameron O'Neil.

    Other names we like:
    Lilias Grace
    Lilias Hope

    What do you think!? Thank you!

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    I think the name you are considering sounds great. The names flow beautifully. I also like Hope a lot, but Cameron works well.
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    Of the three, I actually like Cameron best! Obviously it's meaningful, and it goes really well with Lilias. Go for it!
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    Lilias Cameron is amazing!
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    I normally don't like this but Cameron is unisex enough to where it is okay, imo.

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    Usually I wouldn’t, but Lilias Cameron sounds fantastic! Lilias is so feminine and sweet, and actually a little frilly - but the unisex, spunky Cameron balances it out! I love it!
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    I like it! Lilias Cameron has a lovely ring to it!

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    Lilias Cameron O'Neil is perfect.
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    Lilias Cameron works well!!
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    I think it'd definitely depend a lot on Dad's name, but in this case, with Cameron, I think it works very well. The very feminine Lilias balances the more unisex Cameron nicely, and with the special family meaning, Lilias Cameron O'Neil is a beautiful name indeed.

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