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  • Roadie

    4 25.00%
  • Lincoln “Linc”

    0 0%
  • Ozark

    8 50.00%
  • Forrest

    4 25.00%
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    Name our Bassett Hound!

    We are struggling with a name for our new Bassett Hound boy! We have a husky named Yukon. We are looking for another travel, adventure, hiking or nature related name. Our short list is:
    Ozark (For the Ozark Trail in our home state)

    Open to other suggestions.

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    I think Yukon & Ozark sound great together -- both are wonderfully quirky names for dogs -- so Ozark got my vote. You could call him Oz, Ozzy or Arkie.

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    I voted for Forrest, but I kind of like Ozart a bit more. It's just so unique, and like sunniva said, there are a lot of great nicknames. I think Ozart and Yukon sound great together.
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    I also like Forrest and Ozark. I am going to vote Ozark because of the nickname potential. I grew up with a bassett hound named Bruno

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