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Thread: Luke Walker?

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    Luke Walker?

    We absolutely love the name Lucas (Luke) but our last name is Walker. Is it totally unusable?

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    I did immediately make the Star Wars connection and I haven’t even watched it. If that doesn’t bother you, go for it! Lucas is lovely.

    it's time for another list revamp...

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    Yeah...Too much Luke Skywalker, and this is also coming from someone who haven't watched it
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    wow i didn't thought about Star Wars until I read the comments. Lucas Walker sounds like a nice, normal name. I bet there's quite a few boys and men named Lucas Walker.
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    I agree I thought of Star Wars first and I've never seen any of the films. Luke Walker is very cute though and I don't think it's completely unusable if you can get past the connection. At the end of the day Luke isn't an uncommon first name and Walker isn't an uncommon surname, so it's not unusual for them to possibly end up together.
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    I did think of Luke Skywalker, and i've seen the movies, but I'd say if you like it, do it for sure.

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    I did think of Luke Skywalker but tbh, Luke is such a common first name and Walker is such a common last name, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if I know someone with the name. I think it’s a fun connection, not one that makes it unusable unless you have a problem with it.
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    Thank you all for your opinions! The connection personally does not bother me. We are not fans of Star Wars whatsoever. However, I don't want to be setting our kid up for a lifetime of jokes. Not sure what to do!

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    Hi there! I wanted to share my input as well.

    I actually used to go to school with someone named "Luke Walker" and someone else named "Luke Parker" (and they pretty much only went by Luke vs Lucas). Nobody ever really picked on them for their names. In fact, I think the most that was ever mentioned was "oh kinda like star wars, that's pretty cool" and then everyone kinda moved on from it.

    I think you should go for it

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    I grew up with a guy who had this exact name. Star Wars was definitely a ver obvious connection that everyone brought up all the time. Lucas isn’t as bad but still...,

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