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    Parker and Leopold were my two favorite stand outs from your list

    For middles I think "-Obi" might sound the best and matches the shorter 2nd middle with your daughter so something like

    Parker Radford-Obi
    Parker William-Obi
    Leopold Marius-Obi
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    Throwing another name idea in the mix

    I wish my husband would go for using Leopold in the name because I really do love it. But now he also wants to add the name Atreus into the realm of possibilities. He even wanted to use Maturin, which I'm not keen on at all! The world turtle name, sounds too close to the word mature for me.
    So far I have been liking one person's idea of
    Marius Loki-Radford. Taking into consideration our last name starts with an M, we could also call the kid m&m. Lol.
    We also still like Leon and the husband still like Niles, I do as well, and parker is not off the docket yet but I still feel it is a bit common and over used. William is still a good family name for us as well as Radford
    Anyone have any ideas for names that either have a name with a K sound in it or and R sound in it that would pair well with our daughters name Kara Aurora-May?

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