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    Baby boy name help!

    We are trying to conceive and I'm a planner well in advance kind of person. Especially when it comes to names, I like to put alot of thought into it. We have a daughter who is almost 2, Kara Aurora-May. The husband likes to get his inspiration from comic books/horror movies and I like to get mine from fantasy/norse mythology. We have some names we have liked so far. He would like a hyphenated middle name for a boy since our daughter has hers hyphenated. For the first name possibly a shorter names, but we aren't dead set on that. Here are the names we have been considering:

    Marius (we both like this one)

    Loki ( although we had a cat with a similar name, Floki, we both like this name as an idea )

    Obi ( we both love star wars, I would almost prefer using Kenobi, but the husband isn't too sure on that)

    Niles ( we were both set on this for awhile as a first name but now I'm kind of cooling on it, love the character from Frasier)

    Parker (this would make the husband pretty happy, he's a huge spider man fan)

    Leon ( I like the shortness of this, and its as close as the husband wants to let me get to Leo, we both like Leon)

    William ( a family name on both sides, I liked the idea of using Liam instead but i feel it's almost too popular, I'm kind of on the fence about william as well but it keeps coming back)

    Radford (family name that would be good as part of the middle name)

    Hopper ( hubby is a little obsessed with Hopper from stranger things)

    Leopold ( I love this name and the hubby isn't too keen on it, though I try to keep pushing for it!)

    I would love to hear any ideas, opinions, names arrangements, ect! Any help I can get!

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    Parker and Leon are great!!

    Parker Obi-Niles or Leon Marius-Hopper?
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    Marius - I’m not a fan of this name personally, I find it to be outdated. However, I think it has a wonderful, sweet flow.

    Loki - I like this much more as a boy name! I think it’s definitely unusual, but strong and mythological.

    Obi - I’m not a fan of Star Wars, so I don’t get the reference. I’m not a fan of Obi - feels nicknamey to me!

    Niles - Niles is cool and masculine, pretty versatile in terms of nickname options.

    Parker - My favourite name of your list! It’s unisex but still strong and spunky for a boy.

    Leon - At my school, this is super common, so that’s a bit of a turnoff! I love Leo though.

    William - I do like William more than Liam! It has more nickname options - a classic, beautifully flowing name.

    Radford - feels like a surname to me, maybe as a middle name?

    Hopper - Hopper is great for a middle name, but I personally wouldn’t use it for the first name!

    Leopold - It does feel outdated to me; I prefer Leon to get to Leo.
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    My favourite would be Marius Loki-Niles!

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    Name ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by whitegardenia View Post
    My favourite would be Marius Loki-Niles!
    Thank you all for your suggestions so far! You have given us alot to think on!

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    Hi. I really like

    Parker Radford-Hopper
    Marius Radford-Hopper

    You have some good combo potential there though, and William- Radford or Leon-parker work as well. I guess a bit depends on the last name. All cool names though. Good luck!

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    My favourite combination for you would be Marius Loki-Radford -- what a strong, classy name, with a great touch of quirk/spunk that would be.

    Marius seems to be the best fit for the first name, seeing as though you both like it, and you listed it at the very top of this list (whether consciously, or subconsciously, it can speak volumes putting it at the top). Loki you both enjoy too and adds that lovely little Nordic quirkiness, and Radford fits beautifully on the end here, bringing in a nice family link.

    Kara & Marius work well as siblings - I kind of like the repeated AR sound in both, linking them nicely. I don't feel that they're too match-y at all, due to the rest of the names being so different.

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    I love Marius! Shares sounds with Kara so it makes for a good sib set. One of the others would be a good nickname. Parker and Kara also shares the K and sounds great, though it's a bit more common! But still a good name.

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