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Thread: Ask a Teenager?

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    I'm 18 and I have never ever heard anyone use the name Peter to mean that
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    I;m 40 so I of course know what it is slang for, but i just asked my 15year old and he didn't know. Honestly, if I were to hear peter I wouldn't automatically go to the slang meaning as it is such a standard name
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    I just turned 20, so not technically a teen anymore, but close enough. I vaguely remember learning about this term a few years ago, but completely forgot about it until you said something, so I think you’re good.
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    I’m a teenager and never heard of it

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    I'm a teen (in the US) and I've never heard anyone make fun of the name Peter. But kids can come up with awful nicknames for any name really
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    I just asked my 21-year-old daughter...she knew what Peter is slang for, but said that in her opinion very few teenagers would know of the reference, or even if they did it wouldn't be their first thought when hearing the name. She said that she thought that Richard would be much problematic. We're in the northeastern U.S., if that helps.
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    I heard of that but never understood why since it doesnt sound like a word for penis like willy or wiener and wouldn't think anything of it if I met someone with the name but I never have
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    I'm a high school teacher and I actually have a student named Peter and no one has made any comments about his name (and believe me, you hear a lot of penis-related slang as a high school teacher). I think the slang is outdated and even if people are aware of it, there are a lot of other associations with the name.
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    I'm not a teenager, but even I think the slang usage of Peter is pretty antiquated. I've only ever heard it used that way in vintage media - never in real life.

    I also know a 21-year-old whose given name is "John Thomas" (which had a slang usage similar to Peter, once upon a time) and who goes by Jack. I don't think he's ever had a problem with being teased for his name, even though the slang usages of "Jack" are still very much in play.
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    I'm 18, Peter just makes me think of peter pan (which is adorable , never even heard of it being used with any negative connotations.

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