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    Are these names ready for a comeback?

    I've recently been crushing on the name Virginia. As often happens I was watching a show with a character with this name and really like the sound of it. Then I realized it was an easy way to get Ginny as a nickname and liked it even more.

    The other name I've been thinking about is Ursula. Which obviously brings to mind the sea witch. But I still come back to it all the time as a name that sounds cool and fresh.

    So are these names still too dated? Is the teasing potential for both a turnoff? I'm just trying to gauge people's reactions mostly. (should also note, I'm not expecting just revamping my list).
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    I think Virginia is ready if a comeback, but Ursula is too synonymous with the little mermaid in my opinion.
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    I really like Virginia and think she is easily ready for a comeback. I agree with Ginny being an awesome nickname I know the knee-jerk teasing potential would be virgin comments but I am not sure how realistic of a concern that is, especially if she is known by a nickname.

    Ursula, however, I'm not sure I can get behind. Sure, it is synonymous with the sea witch, but my main issue with it is the sound. It just doesn't appeal to me and sounds rather harsh. Then again, I've thought the same about names such as Sylvia and Phoebe but like them now, so maybe it will be ready eventually...

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    I think they could both work well modern day. I don't think the villain is too strong to not be able to use Ursula (it has a nice sound to it that works outside of a villainous character, unlike say Cruella, that literally has 'cruel' in it which isn't desirable at all), and, particularly in America where Virginia is also a state, I don't think the 'virgin' association/teasing potential is overly strong either. I think both names are lovely and I'd love to see them, especially Ursula, used again nowadays.

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    I think Virginia would definitely work, especially with the nickname Ginny.
    I'm not sure about Ursula. To me it has the same vibe as Barbara, which I'm not sure about either. It's clunky and a little dated, but I still kind of like it. One of my best friends named his daughter Barbara, she's 4 years old now. It took me a few weeks to get used to it, but now I love her name. I don't see why this couldn't be the case with a little girl named Ursula.
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    Ursula actually makes me think of the Ursus major and Ursus minor (big dipper and little dipper) constellations before it does The Little Mermaid.
    That being said, its still not a name I care much for because, like the previous person stated, it sounds really harsh. To me its just not very pretty sounding. It doesn't read well and I don't find it to be pleasing to the ear.

    Virginia is beautiful, though. Its not a name I would ever use myself but I think its nice.
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    Hi there.

    I agree w/most of the other posters. Virginia is charming & totally usable. The nn Ginny is sweet, but I also like Vivie & Gigi. If you like Ginny the most though, you could also think about Genevieve or Imogen. I personally do sort of like Virginia the best.

    As for Ursula...poor Ursula. I think that she was sort of ruined w/the mermaid movie. The movie is 30 years old (which makes me feel ancient, since I saw it in theaters!), but is still very popular. The nn Ursula does lead to nns Lulu & Lula, so I guess if you liked those it wouldn't be as bad.

    Hope this helps.
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    I love Virginia! Such a sweet name with so many cute nicknames (Ginny, Ginia, Gina, Vera, Via, Nia etc).
    The sea witch isn't my first thought when I hear Ursula (I think of a book character) but I don't think it's usable as a first name, especially with the live action The Little Mermaid movie coming out.
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    I can see Virginia coming back, especially with the nn Ginny, though Ursula still feels like it has longer to wait IMO. Virginia reminds me of Vivienne which has been coming back for a few years, so I can imagine her making an appearance some time in the near future.
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    Virginia is a traditional Southern name here in the U.S. I do like it, but it is not my favorite. Ursula is definitely more unusual sounding.

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