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    Which middle name do you like best ? Help!

    We are having our 3rd gender surprise baby in January and have decided on the name Bode for a boy to go with Crew & Emerson.
    After my previous post and talking with family members I’m undecided on which middle goes best with Bode.

    Both middle names are family names
    Phillips -my dads middle name
    Ransom- my husband and I both have great grandpas with this as their first name!

    Which middle do you like best? What flows better?
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    I like that Ransom is on both sides of the family but Bode Phillips is by far my favourite
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    I love Bode Phillips!
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    Phillips sounds nicer but Ransom is nicer in that it honours both your families.

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    I love having so much input and hearing your opinions! Thank you all so much!!!

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    The double family connection of Ransom is too good to pass up!
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    Ransom is a guilty pleasure of mine, and you’ve got a great reason to use it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by katinka View Post
    Ransom is a guilty pleasure of mine, and you’ve got a great reason to use it!

    It’s one of mine too! I absolutely love the name Ransom. I really don’t care, but does the rest of the world think of the negative connotation with the word ransom? I feel like a lot of people don’t know it’s a name!

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    Bode Ransom sounds a bit too wordy for my tastes. I prefer Bode Phillips
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