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    Laila or Jasmine?


    • Old French/Persian origin
    • meaning(s): “gift from God”
    • U.S. popularity: #136
    • a popular variety of white, night blooming flowers popular in Asian gardens, literature, and cuisine
    • popularized in recent times by the character Princess Jasmine (Aladdin, 1992)
    • famous bearers include Jazmin Grace Grimaldi (the eldest child of the Prince of Monaco) alongside a host of singers, models, and actresses under 40
    • popular internationally


    • Arabic/Persian/Hebrew origin
    • meaning(s): “night,” “born during the night,” “daughter of the night” (or “holy” in the Nordic language of the Sami people)
    • U.S popularity: #27
    • in Jewish mythology, an angel of the night
    • name of Layla bint al-Minhal, a companion of the Prophet Muhammad renowned for her beauty
    • popularized by the 7th century romantic poems of Qais Ibn Al-Mulawwah known as Layla and Majnun
    • bearers include Leila Pahlavi (a princess of Iran), Leyla Achba (an Ottoman princess), Laila Ali (boxer and daughter of Muhammad Ali), and a number of artists, academics, athletes, and activists
    Shahzada: Raza Angelo

    Shahzadi: Laila Khairunnisa

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    I prefer Laila but you could combine them instead to make Laila Jasmine, which is really pretty.

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    Both pretty, but I prefer Laila.

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    I think both are nice, though I do prefer Laila personally.

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    I much prefer Laila. Jasmine seems quite dated to me.

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    I really like both. Overall, I prefer Laila (and I adore the combo in your signature: Laila Khairunnisa). But I also quite like Jasmine (the flower association is a particularly positive one for me). I actually think that these days Jasmine will feel more unique than Laila, because, taking into account Lila and Lyla, and closely related names like Leila and Layla, it is fairly common, at least in the United States.

    I also really like Yasmine and Yasmina. But you can't go wrong with Laila or Jasmine--they would make a pretty combo with either as the first, too!

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    I also really like both options, but I'm feeling Laila more at the moment.

    I agree with PP tho, Yasmin(e) is also lovely, if you're open to ideas.
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    Laila and Jasmine are stunning names! I love both. They feel fresh, sweet and romantic. It is hard to decide between these two, but I vote for Jasmine. This name is elegant, beautiful, very feminine and international. Laila is a lovely name but unfortunately I find it trendy nowadays. And parents are using so many different spellings of this gorgeous name...

    In this post, you can see that Laila is actually much popular that we think it is:
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    I love both! I chose jasmine but you have two beautiful options!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eternalfaith View Post
    you could combine them instead to make Laila Jasmine, which is really pretty.
    I was just about to say the same!
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