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    Naming Baby Girl #5!

    Hello all!

    My husband and I are currently expecting our 5th daughter and are completely stumped with names. Our 4 older girls are Isabel, Kate, Jemima and Polly and our surname starts with an 'S' and is 2 syllables.

    Names we like for #5 are -

    We like them all but just can't decide which one fits best and would love some advice! Any other name suggestions welcome!!

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    Love your girls names!!

    Violet and Lola are my favourites from your list, followed by Scout and Rosie

    I'll suggest Tabitha, Lucy, Cora, Emmy and Elsie
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    with your kids I like Violet or Phoebe the best

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    I think Eve fits in wonderfully with your daughter's names! I like them all but Eve is definitely my favourite.
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    What a cool sibset!
    Rosie or Eve would be a perfect fit!
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    Violet and Eve are my favorites for you. Both are nicely compatible without being too close to any of the sister names.
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    I'd pick Rosie because I think it fits well with Polly and the rest of your daughter's names

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    I like them all, but my favorite is Sadie. Seriously, though, they're all great names.
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    I think Lola goes best with your girls names

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    All your girls have "real name" names, so I would stick with that theme. They all have different beginning and ending sounds, if you want to continue in that vein.
    Sadie, Rosie and Gigi are a bit too nick-namey and they all end in the -ee sound like Polly.
    Scout is too trendy for your tribe.
    Eve just seems to cut the melody short. Isabel, Kate, Jemima, Polly and Eve.
    Lola could work, but Polly and Lola are similar sounding.

    I like the sound of Isabel, Kate, Jemima and Polly and Phoebe, but Polly and Phoebe both end in the -ee sound.

    Isabel, Kate, Jemima, Polly and Violet is lovely, espescially if her nickname is ViVi!

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