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    Rowan vs Rosalie

    I'm sorry. I'm sure you're all sick of reading these by now. My IUD comes out in two days and its all becoming actually real that we are going to be trying for a baby that its kind of overwhelming. I want to have things monogrammed so I want a name decided before baby would get here. I'm not one of those "decide when it gets here" types.

    My hubby and I FINALLY have narrowed it down to two girl names... for now. We've been back and forth between these two for some time now, and keep coming back to them, so it's likely going to be one or the other if we have a girl.
    This poll is partially to get public opinion, and also partially because as I see the voting results emerge, I will likely suddenly realize which one I truly want if I'm disappointed/overjoyed that one is winning over the other.

    I love Rowan because it holds so much meaning to my hubby and I. We are both of Scandinavian descent, and our faith is Norse paganism. The Rowan tree is very sacred to Celtic and Norse faiths, and is known as the tree of life and symbolizes courage, protection, and luck. We're both very nature-centered people, also. My therapy is hiking or kayaking. His, too. That is where we bond together and also where we go to find ourselves. I also love the way it flows off the tongue, and the whimsical, gentle sound of it. Rowan makes me think of a bright-eyed, adventurous little girl with bare feet and messy hair. Middle name would either be Elizabeth, after my sister, or Ophelia, after the song by The Lumineers because that band holds so much meaning to my family.

    Rosalie, on the other hand, oh how I love Rosalie. It is so beautiful and elegant, and so underused. It holds so much charm to me, and I love the nicknames that come along with it. That, and I love the meaning behind it. Roses are such beautiful flowers, and it indirectly goes along with my desire to stay nature-themed without being over the top "hippie." Rosalie makes me think of a gentle girl with a bit of sass. I also like how it flows into our last name better, and I think the baby's grandparents would be more approving of it than Rowan. The middle name for Rosalie would be Wilder. My dad and I shared a love for The Little House on the Prairie and we would read the books together and cuddle up in his bed with popcorn and watch the series when I was a child. So Wilder would come from that, Laura Ingalls Wilder. I think part of me is SO torn because I want to use Wilder so badly to honor my Dad, but Wilder does not work with Rowan. At least not for a girl, I don't think.


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    I'm really really fond of Rowan Elizabeth!

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    Rosalie is one of my favorite girl names—I love the combination of Rosalie Wilder! Based purely on the names themselves, Rosalie would be my pick.

    However, if Rowan holds more meaning for you, go for it! It's bright and fresh. I like Elizabeth of your two middle name options.
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    This is so difficult! I love how meaningful Rowan Elizabeth and Rowan Ophelia are but Rosalie Wilder is just so brilliant. I went with Rowan in the end but it was a tough choice
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    Rosalie Wilder is lovely in my opinion!
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    Rowan Ophelia is lovely. I picked Rowan over Rosalie based on its meaning to you, that sold it to me. I also like the idea of Rowan Rosalie, maybe too cartooney, but kinda cool.

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    Oh man! I usually do not take too long deciding what to vote for in a poll, but I can't choose! I love both of these two very different very much.

    The combos as well! I think that Rowan Ophelia (I love that song by The Lumineers as well) and Rosalie Wilder are the perfect combination of nature, girly but unisex, and meaningful.

    I think my final answer would be Rowan Ophelia, but you literally cannot go wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatchamacallit View Post
    I did actually think about that! I'm not usually a fan of more than one middle name though...
    Do you think Rowan Elizabeth Wilder Tucker is a bit "much?"
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    Rowan Ophelia is so beautiful! And my preferred between the two Rowan options.
    I voted for Rowan because of that combo. I could've easily voted for Rosalie Wilder!
    If it was between Rowan Elizabeth and Rosalie Wilder I would've voted Rosalie!
    Very close
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