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Thread: Fox vs. Mars

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    Fox vs. Mars

    Okay, Fox beat Ned...but will it beat Mars? I've been crushing on it hard lately. I also like its alliteration with our ln. It definitely has a different vibe to me though. Fox is quirky, handsome and vintage, while Mars is strong, outrageous and mythological. I know Fox isn't everyone's cup of tea — but Mars even less, so I'm curious to see.

    Thoughts, please!

    Fox Robert M@cKimmie
    Mars Robert M@cKimmie

    Thanks, x
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    I much prefer Fox over Mars. I personally would only use both as a middle name or nickname.

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    I like Fox a lot!!!
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    I actually prefer Mars. I’m not sure i’d ever have the guts to use it as a first name but it’s got a lot of spunk and I like the mythological element. Fox is great too but there’s just something about Mars for me...

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    Fox I really like. Like, so much that you've inspired me to the point that I may just suggest it to my husband.

    Mars? Not so much. I dont care for the "zz" ending in names. I grew up knowing a Lars, and as much as I love the kid, I've always sort of cringed at his name.
    That, and I just think of the planet or the candy company. I can just see all sorts of mean nicknames from bullies now. Space, spacey (as in dumb), or heaven forbid your child ends up a little overweight..
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    Umm.. kinda hard,I like both. Fox sounds better with Robert but I might give the edge to Mars.
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    I like both options but I voted for Mars. It's so unique and such a powerful name.
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    I absolutely love both as middle names, but for first I'd go with Fox.

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    I love both but I also love alliteration so I picked Mars
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