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    Stefan pronunciation?

    How would you pronounce this name?
    I've only ever heard it on the tc show, the vampire diaries and they always said it "steh-fin"
    What is your overall opinion on this name and what middle name suggestions do you have?

    Thank you berries!

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    I pronounce "steff-ahn "
    But now I read your message I have heard "steh-fin" too. Stephen Curry goes by that pronunciation- although I would think that could be Steven pronunciation too.

    Sorry not very helpful!
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    I pronounce it the same as you and PP, depending on however they say it, but my automatic pronunciation is steff-in. Much nicer sounding than Stephen/Steven!
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    Steff-un (like the beginning of Stephanie)

    I like it! It has a nice softness to it while also sounding strong

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    The only pronunciation I'm aware of is "steff-AHN" with the emphasis on the second syllable.

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    The only Stefan I've known in person pronounced it st-FAHN, with a very abbreviated first syllable, so that's my go-to.
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    I say STEH-fahn, maybe it sounds even a little like STAY-fahn (the e is a little bit longer). I'm Scandinavian though.
    I quite like it, but it's a little bit dated where I live. I think the English Stephen is more elegant.
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    I think maybe Stefen I would pronounce Steff-in but it just looks weird.
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    My first instinct is ste-FAHN, but I have also heard it pronounced STEF-in.
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    I pronounce it ste-fin, like in The Vampire Diaries
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