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    How would you spell this name?

    Hi there.

    I am curious to know how you spell the name May/Mae.

    Which spelling is more popular?

    Which spelling is your favourite?

    Which spelling is more intuitive for you?

    Have you seen either spelling used more?

    May/Mae will be paired with Lucie/Lucy as a second first name.

    All help is appreciated.

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    My answer to all these questions is Mae. I’ve only met people with Mae as their middle name though and that is always Mae.
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    Mae feels automatic but I kind of like May more, especially is the baby is born in May or if you want to honour somebody born in May.

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    I've been debating this myself lately; but prefer May overall - I'd think this would be the traditional spelling here in England, but Mae has also become more popular, especially when hyphenated with another name e.g. Lily-Mae. I've seen both spellings used, but probably, going against what I've been saying, Mae as a first name in my area (London suburbs) seems to be most popular whilst May seems to be a more popular middle name spelling.
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    I prefer May.

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    I prefer Mae.

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    Personally, I prefer Mae! I think this is most popular as a MN, but I'm honestly not sure, lol. When I looked at the charts on though, it shows Lucy-Mae as having 5 births, as opposed to Lucy-May with 4. Over the course of the years though, it looks like Lucy-Mae was more popular!
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    I prefer Mae personally. May makes me think more of the month when I see it as opposed to Mae, where I automatically know it's someone's name, if that makes sense? I would go with Lucy Mae or Lucie May. Good luck
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    I only know one woman named May, and she actually changed her name to Mae because she liked that spelling more.
    I think May is classier but Mae is spunkier, and slightly prefer the latter.
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    Thank you everyone. I am going to use the spelling Mae.

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