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Thread: Baby girl name

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    Baby girl name

    H and I have started to narrow down our options for baby girl. I think we are down to about four names and I would love others' opinions. Big brother is August, nickname Gus, and last name is very common and starts with M.

    1. Laurel Ruth
    2. Evelyn Mary (don't love how popular Evelyn has become but both are family names)
    3. Edith _____ (middle name not set, options include Magnolia, Rosemary, or Clementine)
    4. Penelope Iris (nickname would likely be Poppy or Penny)

    Open to any thoughts! Thanks!

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    Penelope Iris is delightful! I also love Edith Magnolia
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    Laurel Ruth is my favorite from your list, Penelope Iris is a close second, I think they both go great with August.
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    Laurel and Penelope are magnificent names for August's sister. Penelope Iris and Laurel Ruth are great combinations. Evelyn Mary is beautiful too, but since your last name is popular, I would probably pick a variation of Mary as a middle name or I would select another name from your lovely list. I'm not a fan of Edith but Magnolia, Rosemary and Clementine are magical names.
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    I love Evelyn! Evelyn Ruth would be adorable but I also like Laurel!
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    Edith Clementine or Edith Magnolia would be stunning!
    I don't like the flow of Laurel Ruth, and Evelyn and Penelope are a bit too trendy for my tastes. If I had to pick a second favorite though it'd be Laurel Ruth, because I love Laurel as a first name despite the middle name not flowing too well.
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    I'm really fond of Edith and Penelope! For a middle name for Edith, I like Rosemary a lot!

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    Hi there.

    I love August!

    Here are my thoughts for #2:

    1. Laurel Ruth-This is perfect. It's a floral name, but a down to earth sounding one vs. being too frilly. It's well known, yet not over done. It works well on any age. Laurel just seems like such a sweet girl name.

    2. Evelyn Mary (don't love how popular Evelyn has become but both are family names)-Yeah, I don't love how popular Evelyn is either. It's never been my favorite anyway, but since I hear it all of the time I like it even less. It'd be nice as a mn for Laurel, although I adore Ruth. Laurel Evelyn does flow better in my opinion.

    3. Edith _____ (middle name not set, options include Magnolia, Rosemary, or Clementine)-So cute . Do you like Edie? It may be unavoidable. Edith is the perfect old lady name that's due for a comeback. It's simple, spunky & girly. I love Edith Magnolia or Edith Clementine.

    4. Penelope Iris (nickname would likely be Poppy or Penny)-I love this name too. It's a great compliment to August. I prefer the nn Penny; seems like it will age a little better. Although, I personally like Nellie the best & also think that Polly is fun & different.

    I think that Laurel is the most interesting choice from your list, but Edith & Penelope are lovely too. Hope this helps.
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    Evelyn Mary is my favourite; she's gorgeous! It's better to use a popular name you love than a less popular name you don't, IMO.
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    Laurel is lovely with August but I agree with pp that Ruth doesnt seem right.

    Laurel Evelyn
    Laurel Eve / Eva
    Laurel Edith

    (Inadvertently all E names )

    Edith is my next pick! Edith Clementine or Edith Magnolia! Beautiful
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