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  • Esme Theodora

    28 42.42%
  • Ivy Josephine

    38 57.58%
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    Poll on Esme or Ivy

    Baby girl coming in December! I love both these names that to me, have a gentle Christmas 'nod'. Ivy Josephine, because Ivy can be related to Christmas decor and winter...and Esme Theodora as Theodora means GIFT of God...a time when we give gifts.
    Not sure my husband will accept either but which one is your favorite? Thoughts?
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    Ivy Josephine is so adorable!
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    They're both lovely, but I prefer Ivy Josephine.
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    I prefer Esme as a first name, but I'm not a fan of Theodora, so I voted Ivy Josephine - it's a lovely combination.
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    Both names are amazing! Today, I vote for Esme Theodora but Ivy Josephine is lovely too.
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    Love both!

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    Esme Theodora is stunning.

    Ivy is cute & spunky, but it's getting a bit more popular. Esme has just the right combination of feminine grace w/witty spunk. And it's unique too, but not terribly out there.

    Hope this helps.
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    I voted for Esme Theodora. I love Ivy Josephine too but Ivy is too popular for my taste.

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    Thanks so much for your helpful responses! Too bad I'm not having twin girls and could use them both though! LOL

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    I love both Esme and Ivy however I voted for Ivy as I don't like Theodora.

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