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    Cypress as a brother for Cedar...?

    I have a son named Cedar and I am due any moment with boy #2. This is our last child. My husband and I have struggled to find a “perfect” name for baby #2 and it’s stressing me out! I’ve started a few posts throughout the pregnancy and have gotten lots of kind, helpful suggestions. Sorry to make yet another.

    My husband is now gunning for Cypress and my main hesitation is that it’s somewhat feminine sounding, but I think it could work. However others have been really negative about using another tree name and it gives me pause.

    I personally like the “tree theme” (my husband is a horticulturalist) and Cedar/Cypress trees have a lot of connections in the area where I live (coastal Cascadia). This makes me think it’s perfect for a set of brothers! However several people (including some Nameberries I respect) have said using two tree names is too “matchy” or don’t like the idea of a theme/2 nature names.

    Talk to me about this - why? Would it be a huge mistake to use Cypress with Cedar? Is it because people will tease? Think it is corny? Any other thoughts?

    THANK YOU in advance!! :-?
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    Concerning the name itself, I don't think it's too feminine sounding. It reminds me of softer sounding boy names like Emrys, Cyrus, Silas. If you want a "theme" sibset there's nothing wrong with that. Some people are into that, some aren't. It's really up to you. I personally don't mind *most* themes

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    Oh my gosh. I love this idea. I think Cedar and Cypress not only go perfectly but also I’m adding them both to my boy list. I say go for it! Love your style!
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    Thank you for the feedback!!
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    I had a student who chose Cypress as his English name. All boy to me. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with themes... but are you wanting a 3rd? 4th? You'd have a theme of tree names starting with C. Cedar and Cypress sound great. Cedar, Cypress, and George? Not so much.

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