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    37 54.41%
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    11 16.18%
  • Gwen

    15 22.06%
  • Maeve

    32 47.06%
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    Iris, Enid, Gwen or Maeve?

    To my delight, my other half has become more opinionated about names for future children lately. Iris, Enid, Gwen and Maeve are all names I love and have suggested over the years among a slew of others, and these seem to be the four we can both agree on. I'd long considered Maeve our frontrunner for a girl, but now Iris, Enid and Gwen have also come up as contenders and my OH likes them just as much as Maeve.

    Some middle names that we particularly like are:

    Iris Gwendolen (might use the nickname Iggy sometimes)
    Enid Rosemary
    Gwen Isadora
    Maeve Isadora

    I'm curious to hear your thoughts. Do you have a clear favourite of the four? What do you think of our middle name ideas?
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    Iris got my vote, but I also like Maeve and both Iris Gwendolen & Maeve Isadora are beautiful combos.
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    The only one I really don’t care for is Enid, but I like the rest - especially Iris!
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    What a lovely list!
    I love Maeve Isadora and Enid Rosemary!
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    I like them all, but Enid would take some bravery to pull off, I think. It's still pretty dusty. Iris, Gwen and Maeve are all so lovely. I would look into the popularity of each in your area, and see if that sways you. Iris Gwendolen also gives you Gwen, so that might be a top contender.

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    I LOVE these! The only one I wouldn't use is Gwen, but only because I prefer it as a nickname for Gwendolyn/other Gwen-names.

    I gave some love to Enid in the poll, because I know it's not particularly liked by most, but I think it's great, and I love its meaning.

    I love all the combos! Rosemary is also one of my favorite names. I like Maeve Isadora more than Gwen Isadora, but maybe you'd like Josephine, Matilda, Amaryllis, Ophelia, Beatrix, or Cordelia as alternative middle names? Gwen Amaryllis is my favorite, and I also like Gwen Ophelia and Gwen Cordelia quite a bit.
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    Enid and Gwen are so cute!
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    Love Iris and Maeve !
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    Maeve Isadora, hands down! I'm neutral on Iris and as much as I like old fashioned names, Enid and Gwen are just a little too clunky for me.
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    It seems to me that you keep coming back to or comparing the other names with Maeve.
    All are lovely options; I really like Maeve and Enid!
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