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    How would you pronounce this?

    We are (tentatively) planning on a fourth and final baby next year. If it is another girl, we are loving Elena: the way it sounds and that it is 5 letters (we have children in the pattern 4, 3, 4 so we wanted either a name with 3 or 5 letters and landed on Elena). My question is this: how do you pronounce it? I know it can be Ellen-uh, Ee-lay-nuh, or El-ay-nuh and we prefer the last. I'm just curious if we'll be correcting people all the time since our other kids' names are so straightforward. I read that it is the traditional spelling over Elaina but the only one I knew personally was Ellen-uh, so I'm not sure.

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    I pronounce it El-ay-nuh and This is the only way I’ve heard it pronounced on tv shows and from people
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    In Spanish, it's pronounced Eh-LEH-na, but in English I've only heard it be pronounced as El-ay-nuh. I think it's a lovely name and I love both pronunciations.
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    el-AE-nuh (just a clearer way of writing: el-AY-nuh).

    For your metadata, I have spent time in NY, overseas, and the US mid-Atlantic.

    In locales where latin-based languages are dominant, I imagine you'd hear ELL-ehn-NUH predominately.

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    I automatically say eh-LEH-nuh and prefer it this way myself. Elena as eh-LAY-nuh is nice too, though. I think you will get both pronunciations here and there, but a quick correction to the way you prefer it would be simple and all would be well.

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    I pronounce it something like uh-LAY-nuh—I guess closest to the third pronunciation you mentioned. I haven't personally met anyone who pronounces it with the emphasis on the first syllable.
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    I say the first syllable somewhere in between the EE and EL sounds, then lay-na for the rest. I’ve never heard Ellen-a, but I’ve heard eh-LEH-na and ee-LEH-na on Russian and Hispanic women.
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    Eh-lay-nuh would be my instinctive pronunciation but I've met an Elena pn Eh-leh-nuh too so it wouldnt surprise me
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    It’s one of my favourite names it’s just so beautiful

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    Iam Greek, and here we pronounce it EH-leh-nah, so yes there are multiple pronunciations for this name. I guess you have to tell the pronunciation, but I dont think it would be a problem. Elena is a beautiful name, no matter how you pronounce it.
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