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    Hi there.

    Today I have fallen in love with the name Genevieve. I haven't run it past my partner yet though. For now I just want to think about it and get some middle name ideas for it.

    A sister to Genevieve would be Lucia Mae or Lucie Mae. Most likely Lucia for the syllables.

    What do you think of the name Genevieve?

    What associations do you have with the name Genevieve?

    What nicknames do you like for Genevieve? I like Evie myself though I also like Eve and maybe Gen. Never Genny.

    What name would you pair with Genevieve for a middle name? I have thought of Genevieve Grace which I like as then I could call her Gigi. Grace is also an honour name for one of my great grandmothers. Any suggestions appreciated.


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    I think Genevieve is elegant, sweet, timeless. It gives me a princess feel, but at the same time I can perfectly picture a cheeky tomboy rocking it.

    My favorite nickname is Eve / Evie, but Genevieve is also a great versatile name with plenty of options to choose from. And once you introduce her by that nickname, I don't think there'd be a problem with folks calling her by a different nickname you might not be a fan of.

    Genevieve Grace instantly popped into my mind! I think it's absolutely gorgeous, and it's extra beautiful for being an honor name.
    Genevieve Faith, Genevieve Gray, Genevieve Aleah ?

    One can dream...

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    I feel like a Genevieve would be spunky but mature. I like Eve and Ivy as nicknames for Genevieve. I knew a Genevieve who went exclusively by Genna. Some people mistook her name for Guinevere though. Genevieve Grace is nice and Gigi is super cute. I also like Genevieve Hope and Genevieve Ann.
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    I like Genevieve - it's sleek and pretty. I like Evie as a nn though i prefer Neve! I think Gigi could work regardless of the middle name too

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    I know one Genevieve is who 10 now. When she was little she went by Vivi, now just Genevieve.

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