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Thread: Dominic?

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    What are your first impressions of the name Dominic??

    My husband never has a strong opinion about our boys' names and never even makes suggestions. Out of nowhere he suggested he likes Theo Dominic. Thoughts?

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    I like Dominic. I've only ever met one and it suited him well -he was a sweet, charming kid. Dominic is one of those names that feels familiar but i havent heard it much and i enjoy Theo Dominic as a combo
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    Dominic covers a number of styles so has a lot of appeal
    It fully maintains classic/traditional and holds a meaning that is quite strong
    It's a little dark, a little trendy, a little religious, a little interesting... Or all of whichever you choose because names appeal to different people for different reasons.
    I go back and forth on this name, some of it I really like and not so much other things.
    Nick names Dom, Nick, Nico even are all a nice bonus.
    It is one of those 3 syllable names that has a lot of different sounds so it feels long but since it's well known, it's not a mouthful. I only know one, he's adorable, but I assume someday I will know more.
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    My husband is Spanish and likes that it sounds like Domingo (Sunday in English). He likes the religious association. I've just never thought of the name much and am curious what other people think when they hear the name. I really appreciate your thoughtful comments so far!!

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    I love it! I know someone who just named her little guy Dominic and it appears to be a great choice - a strong handsome name and not overly common, but known. Theo Dominic fits so well into your sibset.

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    I think it sounds tough without being macho, and is well-recognized without being too popular. Theo Dominic goes really well with your other kids' names as well.
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    Dominic feels Catholic to me. I always picture an Italian or Latino male.

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    I really love Dominic, to the point where I almost feel bad about sticking it in the middle spot, but Theo Dominic also sounds great.
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    I've known 2 Dominics. One was a blond headed 10 year old & the other a dark headed baby. The baby was part Hispanic & living in a Hispanic country. I think it's a strong, handsome, underappreciated name! Theo Dominic fits perfectly with your other 2 boys!
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    I like Dominic, it's a strong, interesting name with lots of nickname options - so much so that I prefer to Theo for the first name!

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