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    MNs for Gwendolen/Gwendolyn?

    I have been returning to my lifelong love, Gwendolen (Gwendolyn?), lately, and I’m starting to look at combos. So far, I have a couple ideas, but I could use both suggestions for more ideas, and opinions on these!

    So far, I’ve got:

    Gwendolen Mercy
    Gwendolyn Hannah
    Gwendolyn Leona
    Gwendolyn Vera

    I think I could go either way as far as Gwendolen or Gwendolyn for the last three combos, but I don’t really like Gwendolyn Mercy because of the repeated Ys. Hannah is a much-loved family name, and I’ve just really loved Leona and Vera with Gwendolyn for ages. I thought about Iris, Noemi, and Olivia, too, but I think they were more... second tier? Compared to the four I listed above.

    Anyway, ideas and/or opinions would be much appreciated!

    Thanks, berries!
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    Gwendolyn Hannah Iris was my first thought! It flows beautifully!

    I also like Gwendolen Mercy and Gwendolyn Vera, but, I do admit the Gwendolen spelling looks a bit off to me (despite it being the originally feminine spelling).

    If you’re preferring one middle, here are some thoughts;

    Gwendolyn Ivy
    Gwendolyn Holly
    Gwendolyn Sophie
    Gwendolyn Poppy
    Gwendolyn Lily
    Gwendolyn Georgia
    Gwendolyn Bea
    Gwendolyn Beth
    Gwendolyn Violet
    Gwendolyn Abigail
    Gwendolyn Rachel
    Gwendolyn Annabel
    Gwendolyn Mira
    Gwendolyn Flora
    Gwendolyn Daisy
    Gwendolyn Adeline
    Gwendolyn Lottie
    Gwendolyn Tess(a)
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    Ooooh, sweet Gwendolyn! I didn't realise it was on your list! It's such a lovely name though, and I love the Oscar Wilde connection for you. I do prefer Gwendolyn over Gwendolen though, it feels more breezy and spirited. Gwendolen feels more serious to me.

    I love Gwendolyn Hannah, it feels so sunny and cheerful and feminine. I can imagine her running through the woods or a field of flowers, in a dress, laughing with a friend.

    Gwendolyn Leona feels a bit artistic and quirky, more dramatic, but still pleasant and fun, not so offbeat that she puts people off.

    Gwendolyn Vera is a lot more buttoned-up and austere to me. I picture a lady in a mansion out of something like Downton Abbey or an Edith Wharton novel, the kind of woman who always does what's expected of her and is praised for being a paragon of "what a lady should be". She's sweet and quiet, sitting doing embroidery, with a huge white hat.

    I'm not a fan of Mercy in general so can't really comment on that one!

    Some more combinations for you:

    Gwendolyn Daisy (I really love this! Maybe something like Gwendolyn Daisy Jane?)
    Gwendolyn Iona
    Gwendolyn Charlotte
    Gwendolyn Elara
    Gwendolyn Susannah
    Gwendolyn Emma
    Gwendolyn Cora
    Gwendolyn Fleur
    Gwendolyn Cara
    Gwendolyn Rebecca
    Gwendolyn Rose
    Gwendolyn Ruth
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    I LOVE both Gwendolyn and Gwendolen (I can never land on a spelling, either). I actually adore Gwendolyn Leona as a combo. Even though the "L"s run together a little bit, the combo feels really beautiful to me. It makes me think of a lioness moon goddess or something. It's very lyrical. I think the Gwendolyn spelling goes slightly better with Leona visually. The other middles don't feel as magical to me.
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