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    Sister for Henry

    Hi all, I need some advice. Bub number two arrives soon, a little sister for Henry.
    Still haven’t decided on a name but need some opinions.

    - Henry and Audrey; are they too same same? With the “ry” sound at the end?
    - Henry and Ayla
    - Henry and Abigail
    - Henry and Harriet; I love, but hubby isn’t a fan of the H-H alliteration...
    - Henry and Allegra; I also love, except for the allergy medication connection...


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    You've got some great options there. My top three in order of preference:

    Henry and Audrey - love!
    Henry and Abigail
    Henry and Harriet
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    I love Harriet but you can't use it with brother Henry - it's the same name. To me it's like having Nicholas and Nicola or Eric and Erica.
    I'm not keen on Ayla, but Audrey, Abigail and Allegra are all good. While you can have Henry and Audrey it would grate a little for me with the similar endings. Abigail is my favourite.

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    I love Henry and Ayla!

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    Henry and Audrey get my vote.
    I love Harriet but definitely not with Henry.
    Please stay home

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    I know someone with a Henry and an Audrey, it’s a beautiful sibset and my favourite from your list by far
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    I like Audrey and Abigail the best of your list.

    Some random others: Clara, Charlotte, Zara, Violet, Arabella, Bronte...
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    I would choose Audrey. It’s a lovely name and although it shares the same ending with Henry, it doesn’t stand out in a negative way, or grate. My second favourite is Ayla.

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    Henry and Audrey are perfect! I don't think they are too samey. Me and my brother are Carys and Lewys, and my nieces are Olivia & Amelia. If they work, so can this!

    Ayla is very pretty but I definitely prefer Audrey with Henry. Abigail feels very plain and Allegra feels a too frilly. I also agree that the H-H alliteration with Harriet is too much, and I don't think the name is very attractive anyway.
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    Audrey is great with Henry!
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