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    I am undecided and lost, help me

    Hello Berries!

    We are torned between:
    Elliott Caspian Lou or Elliott Caspian Archibald
    Everest Arlo Zephyr

    I have the hardest time to select the one I prefer and I don’t want to regret later.
    Elliott is my all time favorite. It’s been on my list since 2009 (I was 15-16) and I have always thought my first boy would be an Elliott. It’s sadly quite popular in France right now.
    Everest is a more recent crush (maybe 2015-2016?). We love that it’s a rare nature name, easy to pronounce in french and in english. My husband seems to prefer Everest lately.

    What would you do?
    Thank you!
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    Everest Arlo Zephyr is amazing!!

    Elliott Caspian Lou would be my second pic, or, if i could mix things up, Everest Caspian Arlo or Everest Caspian Lou
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    I understand the popularity concern but Elliott*Caspian*Lou
    Is amazing! Love it. So I think I would use it anyway.

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    I really like Elliott Caspian Lou. If you've loved the name for so long, it would be a shame if you didnt use it. However, if you and your husband are more on board with Everest, go with that name.
    Great names either way!

    An alternative that incorporates both name... Everett.
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    I absolutely understand why you are having such a hard time. I always go back and forth between old favorites and new loves. Popularity does bother me, too, because I’ve always despised being one of many with my name. However, I think it’s much different when the name is special to you, and has been chosen for a reason beyond “Hey, that name sounds nice.”

    In the end, only you can decide which name you feel in your heart is right. If Everest feels unequivocally like the name of your son, then it’s okay to not use Elliott, it really is. But if you think that you would regret not using Elliott, because it still feels just as perfect and amazing as the first time you ever heard it, then I would go with that name.

    Which name makes you smile every time you see it? Which can you imagine singing a lullaby to? Can you picture yourself dropping Elliott off at a birthday party? Or can you perfectly see little Everest sitting on the floor of the library, calling to you to come see the story he’s found?

    Elliott Caspian Lou would be my pick. It has all the adventure of Everest Arlo Zephyr, but also warmth and sweetness and familiarity in the best of ways.
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    I love Everest for how it is a nature name and uncommon, but known. Actually, Everest and Elliott would be a nice sibset should you ever have another boy. They do begin with the same letter but the sounds are so different that they work well together. If you still love both names equally by the time little one arrives and your husband prefers Everest, then it is likely the one you should choose, although both names are lovely.

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    They're very similar
    Also quite different
    Do you think if in the future you had a second son you would like them as names for brothers or does the use of one preclude the use of the other? Will you be sad not to have your Elliott?
    Either would be well received and I like both but prefer Elliott or a variation of spelling
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    I love Everest Arlo Zephyr! It unique and has great flow!
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    I prefer either of the Elliott combos. Elliott is such a great name!

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    I second this!
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