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Thread: Help me choose

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    Help me choose

    Hello Berries!

    I need you to help me decide between:

    Esmée Marlowe Autumn
    Liv Marlowe Autumn

    We could possibly consider:
    Olive Marlowe Autumn
    Olive Maxine Elinor
    Liv Maxine Elinor
    Esmée Liv Autumn

    1) Everybody around us makes fun of Olive and it scares me (we currently live in France).
    2) My husband’s favorite name is Marlowe.

    Thank you
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    Esmèe Marlowe Autumn is lovely and I prefer Esmèe significantly to Liv. Esmèe Liv Autumn is beautiful too
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    I really love Liv Marlowe Autumn - it’s a sleek, really cool name that works well on a child and an adult. Esmée doesn’t appeal to me, I see it as quite dated. It’s obviously a subjective thing though and it’s a perfectly fine name. Also, I find the ‘m’ in Esmée runs into the beginning of Marlowe.

    I really love Olive Marlowe Autumn but it seems like you’ve gotten bad feedback on it which is a shame. I think you should still use it though if you really love it! Liv Maxine Eleanor is lovely too (I don’t usually like Maxine but it works well in this combo).

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    I'm in love with Esmee Marlowe Autumn

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    Agree! Love this ❤️
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    Oh, what a dilemma! It’s so hard when you have a plethora of beautiful options.

    Do you mind if I ask what the problem is with Olive? I adore the name, but would hate to give my little gal a name that would cause trouble for her if she ever went to France or elsewhere in the world. I do think that whatever the issue is, I would hold off on using Olive if it truly bothers you. The opinions of others shouldn’t matter at the end of the day, but we often let them anyways, and the name of your child should never cause turmoil in your heart.

    Marlowe is lovely. I can definitely see why your husband loves it so. Is there a reason Miss Marlowe isn’t in the running for a first name? It seems akin to Liv in its boyish charm and subtle, long history.

    Anyways, here are my thoughts:

    Esmée Marlowe Autumn: Oh, I can hardly stand how amazing this name is. Esmée is incredibly beautiful. It reminds me of velvet dresses, emeralds, and beautiful women in old black-and-white films. It’s classy and brilliant, smart and sweet. Marlowe is a really great middle name for Esmée, with the rhythmic “m’s” and juxtaposition between feminine and unisex. Autumn rounds out the name perfectly, cementing these three very different monikers into one cohesive gem. This name feels reminiscent of the time and place where this baby will be born, as well as literature, art, and history. It’s impeccable.

    And then we’ve got Liv Marlowe Autumn. Liv is beautiful. It’s lively, stately, and quite impactful. Because of its short length and strong sound, however, it’s hard to pair other names with. The flow of a name is not the most important thing, but Liv Marlowe Autumn seems a little stunted. I’m tempted to suggest Liv as a middle name if you feel so inclined, but I’m just not sure. Liv has many admirable qualities, really and truly. It’s feminine without being sickly sweet, universally easy to pronounce, and uncommon as a given name. Liv Marlowe Autumn has all the charm of Esmée Marlowe Autumn, just in a different way.

    In the end, I think you should go with Esmée Marlowe Autumn. Though Liv reminds me of Marlowe and shares sounds with your beloved Olive, Esmée seems most fitting for your family.

    If you can’t let go of Olive (which I certainly couldn’t!), perhaps you would like the idea of Olive Marlowe Autumn, called Liv? That way, if you ever moved from France or decided you don’t really care about other people disliking the name, you could still call her Olive, but also have Liv to fall back on.

    If Olive Marlowe Autumn were truly as much an option for you as the Liv or Esmée combos, I would be inclined to implore you to use Olive before Liv, but not before Esmée.

    Best of luck in naming baby!
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    I love the name Olive, it's stunning. I'm so sorry your not receiving a nice feedback.
    I believe in France it is not so common for parents to choose word names for their kids as in English-speaking countries. That's why a lot of people think Olive is a strange option. Well, in my country, most people don't like/don't accept word names either so unfortunately I understand what you're going through. Are you going to stay in France for a long time? Do you have French heritage? If your answer is yes, I think you probably need to delete Olive from your first names list. However, as a middle name or a nickname I believe it would still be usable. If your answer is no, I think that you need to think why you love the name Olive so much and you need to consider how much it bothers you that people around you don't like it. Do you think that one day you may regret your decision if you end up not using Olive?
    Olivia is a stunning alternative and you can always call her Olive or Liv if you want! Liv is a cute name but I prefer the sweet and powerful Olivia.
    Esmée is a gorgeous name too. Esmée Marlowe Autumn is a lovely combination! Since you live in France, I think Esmée is one of the safest options for a first name.
    Autumn is a great name. I also really like Maxine and Elinor.

    Favorite to least favorite:
    1. Esmée Marlowe Autumn
    2. Olive Marlowe Autumn
    3. Esmée Liv Autumn
    4. Olive Maxine Elinor
    5. Liv Marlowe Autumn
    6. Liv Maxine Elinor

    Esmée Olive Autumn
    Esmée Maxine Elinor
    Esmée Olive Maxine
    Esmée Olive Autumn
    Olivia Maxine Autumn
    Olivia Elinor Autumn
    Olivia Marlowe Autumn
    Livia Marlowe Autumn

    Good luck!
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    I think @jonquils has pretty much summed it up!

    Esmée Marlowe Autumn is simply beautiful. The Liv combo is lovely too, but does feel a little too short with it's middle names. I definitely second Olive Marlowe Autumn with Liv as a nickname, but do prefer Esmée over Olive.
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    Esmee Marlowe Autumn is so gorgeous! Esmee is elegant but approachable. The flow of the combo is very nice. Esmee is definitely my pick from you list!
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