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    Do you like the girls name Wren? Yes or No?

    My DH loves this name for a girl. I like it but it is a little outside of my comfort zone. I am just trying to get a feel for the public opinion on this name. Not necessarily if you would choose the name for your own child but, do you smile and think it’s pretty when you hear it or do you cringe and think it’s awful? Please vote and feel free to mention anything that comes to mind when you hear the name Wren.

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    I am neutral on this name as a first name. I certainly don't think it's awful or would be hard to wear; it's just not one of my many personal favorites. I really like it as a middle name or as a creative nickname for Catherine.
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    I really like the name Wren, yes, for a girl, or a boy. It's a lovely, sweet little name, with a nice bit of pep and a lovely nature-y feel to it.

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    I really like Wren! If it wasn't so similar to my mum's name (Karen) it'd be on my list for sure.
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    Love Wren! It's soft and sweet but not overly dainty or cutesy.
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    Wren is pretty bada-- It's not cutesy or frilly and I really prefer that in a girl's name.

    Amongst the sea of Isabellas and Olivias it stands out nicely.

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    I like Wren. It's a bit short for my taste, but I love the nature feel, it's cute, but not too childish, feminine without being frilly. I'd love to hear it used more
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    I'm not a fan. It's all bird to me and I don't like the short closed sound. It's rather popular on this website though.

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    Iam neutral about it as a standalone. It would be an awesome nickname though.
    I dont think its awful though. It would be very nice to meet a little Wren.
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    Wren is quite charming. I rather like it! In fact, there was a time in my life when it was my favorite name. Now it isn’t quite my style, but I’m not immune to its good qualities by any means.
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