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    Feedback on my shortlist?

    Recently completed my list of girls names (still working on my boys' names)

    They're mostly in my signature, which I put down to participate in name games, but I'd like to hear personal feedback on the names I picked.

    Any and all opinions welcomed, good or bad!

    Viviana Persephone
    Gisela Kalani
    Anastasia Renee
    Natalia Sophie
    Elliana Blair
    Sofia Arabella .
    Lilliana Margot
    Siena Meilani
    Pia Alessandra
    October Kylie
    Maximillia Jade
    Khaleesi Rhea
    Victoria Madeline nn Vera
    Kylie Valentina
    Sahara Marie
    Chloe Eleanora
    Clara Juliana
    Rosaria Jade
    Serena Penelope
    Tiffany Pearl
    Tatiana Seraphina
    Raphaela Celine
    Giuliana Dove
    Daphne Milana
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    Viviana Persephone - i adore this. Lively, bubbly and sweet

    Gisela Kalani - full of flair and flows well

    Anastasia Renee -great blend of frill and funk - something sleek but with something a tiny bit tough

    Natalia Sophie -soft and pretty

    Elliana Blair -modern and feminine but Blair brings balance

    Sofia Arabella - Sofia is a bit overdone for me but they flow really well

    Lilliana Margot -fresh but vintage

    Siena Meilani - love the warmth of this name. Colourful and sweet

    Pia Alessandra -cute!

    October Kylie - I do like October but Kylie always sounds whiney to me, sorry. October Ivy, October Heidi, October Corinne, Kaia October, October Keeley?

    Maximillia Jade - Maximillia is interesting but I'll have to think about it. The combo flows well though

    Khaleesi Rhea - not a big fan of this. Im not sure on the flow or feel

    Victoria Madeline nn Vera -simple and pretty but Vera is unexpected!!

    Kylie Valentina -as i mentioned before, I don't like Kylie but Valentina is nice!

    Sahara Marie -love this. Unecpexted but sweet

    Chloe Eleanora -Chloe is popular but distinctive and lively! I absolutely it with Eleanora

    Clara Juliana - pretty, clear and I love Juliana with it!

    Rosaria Jade -beautiful! I love the sounds

    Serena Penelope - has quite an ethereal feel

    Tiffany Pearl - light and fashionable

    TatianaSeraphina - I'd prefer Tatiana Seraphine but this is lovely

    Raphaela Celine -interesting with a celestial vibe

    Giuliana Dove -love the lightness of Dove with Guiliana

    Daphne Milana - love it! Daphne is so vintage and funky and i love Milana
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    Some interesting combinations, I think these are my favourites from your list:

    Lilliana Margot
    Raphaela Celine
    Giuliana Dove

    These seem to be the ones with a longer, feminine first name and a more streamlined middle.

    I personally find some of the combinations with 2 longer names are a bit much, like Viviana Persephone and Tatiana Seraphina. I think Dove as a middle for some of your other names would be beautiful, e.g. Viviana Dove. Some other names I would put together would be

    Daphne October
    Gisela Pearl
    Clara Madeline

    There also are some names here that are not my style, like Tiffany, Kylie, Siena and Khaleesi.

    But overall you have an interesting mix of vintage, mid century and more recently trendy names

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    Viviana Persephone - Looove Viviana. Persephone isn't one of my favourites, but it does sound nice together
    Gisela Kalani - I feel like these names should be on two different people? Although, I do really like both of them separately
    Anastasia Renee - Very sweet and both aren't overused, which makes it perfect
    Natalia Sophie - Not too keen on it, but not bad either
    Elliana Blair - Love! Unique and interesting, girly yet boyish because of Blair
    Sofia Arabella - Cute, but not my taste. Sofia, although a pretty name, is becoming so overused
    Lilliana Margot - Really nice! Flows well together
    Siena Meilani - Love this one too.
    Pia Alessandra - Love the name Pia. I think the a in Pia runs on to Alessandra too much but I love Alessandra too (it's my middle name, so I'm biased )
    October Kylie - I'm not too sure about October as a name (I always try to think of good nn's but I can't with this one except Toby). Kylie is okay
    Maximillia Jade - Don't like. Sorry. Maximilia just doesn't sit right with me.
    Khaleesi Rhea - Khaleesi should stay in Game of Thrones
    Victoria Madeline nn Vera - Like this one! Love the nn Vera also
    Kylie Valentina - Flows nice together
    Sahara Marie - I don't think they match each other
    Chloe Eleanora- Not a fan of Chloe but flows nice!
    Clara Juliana - Not a fan of Clara lol, but I like Juliana
    Rosaria Jade - Very sweet! Usually not a fan of Rose variants, but this is nice
    Serena Penelope - Love Penelope but Serena was ruined for me a long time ago... Nice though!
    Tiffany Pearl - LOVE the name Pearl. Not a huge fan of Tiffany, but it's not bad!
    Tatiana Seraphina - Really cute!
    Raphaela Celine - I like this. Names with different origins, though, kind of put me off.
    Giuliana Dove - Sooo pretty
    Daphne Milana - Also love this one. Very different and unexpected, I think

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    Viviana Persephone - too much for me and think they compete more than complement
    Gisela Kalani - doesn’t chime but might not be familiar enough
    Anastasia Renee - Love first, find Renee harsh
    Natalia Sophie - very pretty
    Elliana Blair - charming! Prefer Eliana.
    Sofia Arabella - grand, regal name
    Lilliana Margot - flows well, I just don’t like -ana names that much
    Siena Meilani - big of a tongue twister
    Pia Alessandra - very pretty
    October Kylie - no, too many conflicting images for me
    Maximillia Jade - like one syllable middle after this first but Jade is a bit too much of a thud for me
    Khaleesi Rhea - not my style
    Victoria Madeline nn Vera- love
    Kylie Valentina - again, too different; like unexpected but not this
    Sahara Marie - Nice but not my fave of yours
    Chloe Eleanora - like both a lot but not together
    Clara Juliana - don’t love but could flow well to a last name (or sound like a rhyme, not ideal)
    Rosaria Jade - Jade sounds better here
    Serena Penelope - this is sweet - a very fun, charming name
    Tiffany Pearl - not my taste but flows well
    Tatiana Seraphina - too much for me
    Raphaela Celine - gorgeous
    Giuliana Dove - again, not super keen on -ana names and prefer other word names to Dove but it flows well
    Daphne Milana - tres chic! (I like this Ana name here)
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    Viviana Persephone - Beautiful, my favorite from your list
    Gisela Kalani - I prefer Giselle or Gisella, the one l makes it look incomplete. I think the styles of these names clash
    Anastasia Renee - I like the flow of this one
    Natalia Sophie - Natalia is lovely, I think it needs a shorter or longer middle, Natalia Sophie feels like two separate names
    Elliana Blair - Pretty! Elliana Briar would also be pretty
    Sofia Arabella - I’m not a fan of both names ending in -a, it messes up the flow for me
    Lilliana Margot - love!
    Siena Meilani - nice
    Pia Alessandra - Pia isn’t my favorite, but Alessandra is gorgeous
    October Kylie - Kylie October flows better
    Maximillia Jade - Pretty!
    Khaleesi Rhea - It has a good flow
    Victoria Madeline nn Vera - Very pretty!!
    Kylie Valentina - feels mismatched
    Sahara Marie - Nice
    Chloe Eleanora - Pretty
    Clara Juliana - I prefer Clara Julienne
    Rosaria Jade - I prefer Rosario Jade
    Serena Penelope - Very pretty
    Tiffany Pearl - Tiffany is very outdated to me
    Tatiana Seraphina - I think Tatiana Seraphine flows better
    Raphaela Celine - Very pretty
    Giuliana Dove - LOVE! my other favorite from your list
    Daphne Milana - nice
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    I love ...

    Anastasia Renee (my fav)
    Victoria Madeline but I dislike Vera
    Rosaria Jade

    I like ....
    Natalia Sophie
    Kylie Valentina
    Serena Penelope

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    Viviana Persephone - seems like a bit of a mouthful, but i like the names individually! maybe with a short first or middle?

    Gisela Kalani - not a fan of the combo, Giselle Kalani is more appealing to me though!

    Anastasia Renee - like it! Princessy vibe to it

    Natalia Sophie - gorgeous!

    Elliana Blair - nice flow and pretty, but I'm not a fan of Elliana

    Sofia Arabella - beautiful flow

    Lilliana Margot - not a fan of the first name (i prefer lily/lilly)

    Siena Meilani - it's okay, can't really put my finger on why i can't love it

    Pia Alessandra - not a fan, seems too unbalanced

    October Kylie - not a fan of Kylie but I love October!

    Maximillia Jade - nice flow, not a fan of Maximillia

    Khaleesi Rhea - definitely not a fan

    Victoria Madeline nn Vera - very pretty!

    Kylie Valentina - I like Valentina! Not so much Kylie

    Sahara Marie - I immediately thought of the desert, but I quite like the combo

    Chloe Eleanora - very sweet

    Clara Juliana - love the sound of it@

    Rosaria Jade - it's nice, but I prefer Rosalie Jade!

    Serena Penelope - love this!

    Tiffany Pearl - bit of an eh for me, but I think that's because I dislike the name Peal

    Tatiana Seraphina - not a fan, seems like a bit of a mouthful

    Raphaela Celine - beautiful!

    Giuliana Dove - very pretty

    Daphne Milana - love it!

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