View Poll Results: What do you like best? Older brothers are Atticus Daniel & Holden Murphy

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  • Dorian Harvey "Dory" (Is Dory too 'Finding Nemo'?)

    16 29.09%
  • Phineas Harvey "Finny"

    14 25.45%
  • Phineas Dean "Finny"

    19 34.55%
  • Zachary Dean "Zooey"

    9 16.36%
  • Percival (Maybe "Percy" if it feels too long)

    16 29.09%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Help us decide!

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    Help us decide!

    Forgot to add a middle for Percival in the poll! Would be Dean!

    Hi again!
    I recently made a post to find a name for a brother to my two boys Atticus Daniel & Holden Murphy. After reading the replies (thanks to anyone who helped with that!), we've made a shortlist of all of the names that we both liked. What do you think we should pick?
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    I really like like Dorian Harvey NN: Rory instead or Percival Dean "Percy"

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    Love the suggestion of Rory as a nn. for Dorian instead of Dory. Voted for Dorian and Percival/Percy.
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    Thanks wilkie8709 and ceryle!
    I love Dorian nn Rory! I'll have to see what DH thinks (but I'm sure he'll love it too!)

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    Hi again!

    I had to vote for Zooey. You never ever see it. Zachary is sort of popular, but Zooey is such a fun unique nn. And it's a slightly more obscure character; at least that book isn't usually taught in school, right? Anyway, I adore Finny Percival too. Dorian is not my style for some reason. How soon is the little guy due? I think as long as you're at least a few months away people will forget about the hurricane. If he's due soon, I wouldn't do Dorian.

    Hope this helps.
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    Dorian is one of my absolute favorite names, though I think Zachary sounds really great with Atticus and Holden.

    I honestly do think just Percy works better with Atticus and Holden than Percival, but using the long form is still workable.

    Phineas is the only option I'm not loving because I find it a little too matchy with Atticus.
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    Thanks michellem & brittanyanitarose!
    I agree Zooey is a bit more of an obscure character but I just love it. He's due in December so I think Dorian will be okay to use by then, unless something major happens with the hurricane. Phineas is a bit matchy with Atticus but he'll probably be called Finny most of the time so it won't be too much of an issue.

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    My favorite is Dorian Harvey! I love Dorian, and Harvey is a nice middle name. I do prefer the nickname Rory to Dory. Phineas Dean would be my next pick, then Zachary " Zac" Dean. All lovely choices really.

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    I like Phineas Harvey! Finny or Finn are both great, and I doubt it would come across as too matchy with Atticus in the long run.

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    Thanks tobiasthelion & flamingo!
    Good to know they don't seem too matchy!

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