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    Shared Nursery Theme Ideas?

    We just moved into an actual house (from a one bedroom efficiency) and now my three year old stepdaughter will have her own room, finally ♥

    We are so excited to decorate it for her, but it will eventually be shared with her baby brother or sister.

    I'm extremely motivated to start making our house a home, so I want to get started on the decorating, even if at this point it is only for her.

    What are some cute gender neutral toddler/nursery theme ideas? Of course, I am going to take her with me and let her pick things out so it feels like "hers" But I'll guide her a little bit to stay within theme. I feel like either way she'll be excited to help decorate. And yes, I plan to let her choose between themes.

    Our ideas so far:

    Pond theme (green, frogs, turtles, ducklings)

    Adventure theme (Mountains, hot air balloons, trees, etc)

    Woodland (Trees, baby forest animals)

    Elephants (grey with purple- her favorite color, that way we can incorporate that and still stick to elephants. Then if we have a boy, we can incorporate blue if we want to as well)

    Foxes (because they're just so cute)
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    My favorite theme is probably elephants. Maybe dogs would work too? Dog wallpaper and dog stuffed animals? Or the same but with cats?
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