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    3rd Boy Suggestions Needed!

    We’re struggling to come up with a name for baby boy #3 that’s due in a few weeks. For our first two boys, we picked vintage (but not too popular) first names and family middle names: Miles Wellington and Everett Ellsworth.

    We’d like to follow a similar style for our third but our middle names are limited to Jefferson, Alexander, Augustus or Frederick and we are having trouble coming up with first names to go with any of our middle name options. Any naming suggestions that you think flow well with our first two boys would be greatly appreciated!

    EDIT: Our family dog is named Jasper, so unfortunately that name is out of the running!
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    I really like the suggestion of Jasper for you and I don’t know if the middle names on your list are options for a first name, but Augustus/August with the nickname Gus would be great. Other possibilities....


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    I think Jasper is the perfect brother for Miles and Everett. Jasper Augustus is really nice!
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    Would you consider Augustus or a form of it (August/Augustin) as a first name? I think it would be great with your boys

    Augustus Alexander
    Augustin Fredrick
    August Jefferson

    Other ideas

    Miles, Everett, & ______:

    Oscar Fredrick
    Remy Alexander
    Nolan Augustus
    Preston August "Percy"
    Tate Alexander
    Graham Fredrick
    Grant Augustus
    Oliver Augustin
    Rhys Jefferson
    Jonah Fredick
    Darren Augustus
    Duncan Alexander
    Quentin August
    Quincy Alexander
    Lionel Jefferson "Leo"
    Orson Alexander "Ozzy" "Oz" "Sonny"
    Calvin Augustus
    Dorian Fredick "Rory"
    Desmond Alec
    Spencer August
    Chandler Fredrick
    Harrison August
    Silas Jefferson
    Abram August "Abe"
    Abner Fredrick "Abe"
    Theodore Fredrick "Theo"
    Lincoln Augustus
    Vaughn Jefferson
    Landon Augustus
    Micah Fredrick
    Asa Jefferson
    Cole Jefferson
    Blake Alexander
    Archer Fredrick
    Griffin Augustus "Finn"
    Grady Jefferson
    Corben Alexander
    Tanner Fredrick
    Gideon Augustus
    Sheppard Fredrick
    Lucian Augustus "Luca"
    Lawson Fredrick
    Sterling Augustus
    Tully Jefferson
    Donovan Fredrick
    Magnus Fredrick "Gus" "Max"
    Darius Alexander
    Ronan Augustus
    Orion August "Oz"
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    Miles, Everett &

    Caleb Alexander or Jefferson
    Reuben Alexander
    Sorren Alexander
    Graham Jefferson
    Julian Alexander

    Can Jefferson be a first name? That might also be nice!

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